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A Gift for the Blind

If you are looking for an interesting gift for a blind or visually impaired person, our specially adapted gift pack might be the answer.

The gift pack has been made with the help of A2I, a specialist transcription agency, and we have tried to make it as engaging as possible so that disabled people have equal access to the information we send out.

The Highland Titles gift pack in braille
The Highland Titles gift pack in braille

Product Details

So what does our gift pack for blind and visually impaired people contain?

  1. A 1 square foot of land from our nature reserve, just 10 miles from Glencoe
  2. Become a Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe
  3. Help create nature reserves in Scotland
  4. Our information booklet printed in braille, including a tactile diagram of our nature reserve (shown above)
  5. An audio version of our information booklet and an audio tour of our nature reserve, contained on a handy USB stick.

highland titles certificate

Personalised Highland Titles Certificate

The Process

  1. Place your order, and we will post a braille & audio gift pack to the new Lord or Lady!
  2. Our gift pack contains instructions on how to register a plot
  3. The new Lord or Lady will phone our customer service team
  4. Our customer service team will obtain the necessary details and send out a beautiful personalised certificate like the one shown here.

Why choose this gift?

It is an engaging gift

We genuinely believe that a gift from Highland Titles is the most engaging gift in the world.  The gift pack is just the start – the experience of being a Scottish landowner lasts forever.  We are frequently visited by people who bought their plot more than 10 years ago!

It is an environmentally friendly gift

We use our profits to manage the land as a nature reserve, which has become an official 4* tourist attraction.  We have planted thousands of trees, created a 3-acre lochan, started our own hedgehog hospital and built a ‘Forever Home’ for injured and disabled hedgehogs.

It’s personalised

We will send a personalised certificate to the recipient, confirming plot details, location and their new title of Laird, Lord or Lady!

It’s everlasting

A real plot of land isn’t something than can be thrown away or put in a drawer and forgotten about.  The nature reserve will be there long after we have gone!

Delivery Information

Free worldwide shipping available.

You can find all of our delivery information here.

Returns Information

We accept returns within 30 days of order date and will provide a full refund. Please note we do not refund your postage or gift wrap charge and engraved or personalised accessories cannot be exchanged or refunded unless faulty.

You can find all of our returns information here.

Why buy from us

We use our profits to manage the land as a nature reserve, making it a great eco-friendly gift!