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Official Highland Titles Photo ID Card

This photo ID card lets everyone know that you are the proud owner of your own souvenir plot of land in the Highland Titles Nature Reserve, located less than ten miles from historic Glencoe! It makes the perfect gift for yourself, or for any friend or family member that has an affinity for the beautiful and historic country of Scotland!

The photo identification card proudly displays your name, chosen style (Laird, Lord or Lady), the precise GPS location of your plot of Scottish land, and photograph!

Simply enter the required information and upload a photo of yourself, family member, or friend and you will be issued your very own ID card!

If you do not have a photo you wish to use, you can instead substitute it with the image of the traditional Arms of Glencoe.

Some people may not believe you when you tell them you have your own plot of land in Scotland.  Luckily, with this photo identification card, you can easily prove it to the naysayers!

This ID card is of standard driver’s license/credit card size, making it incredibly easy to carry with you every single day!

If you are interested in purchasing a photo ID card for a family member or friend who already owns their own beautiful plot of land in Glencoe, rest assured that this item is not included in any other package, and must be bought separately from the land itself.

It is a wonderful way to proudly display your Scottish heritage (or simply an intense love for this magnificent country) and land ownership.

These incredible Photo ID Cards from Highland Titles have amazing benefits:

  • Proves to everyone that you are the proud owner of land in beautiful Scotland
  • Features your name, and chosen style of Laird, Lord, or Lady
  • Displays your photo or the traditional image of the Arms of Glencoe
  • Gives the exact GPS location of your plot of land

This ID card truly is a must-have for all those lucky enough to own Scottish land! There’s no better gift to give- whether to yourself or to a loved one- than the gift of land in Scotland, which can be passed down and visited from generation to generation!

How To Create The Photo ID Card

Simply upload a suitable photograph and crop it as required. If you do not wish to use a photograph, you can instead select the Arms of Glencoe as a substitute. 

Price: £10.00


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