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Sponsor a Habitat Box

Many birds, bees, bats, squirrels and bugs rely on tree hollows.  These are predominantly found in old trees, whether living or not. They act as a resource or habitat for the various animals that play a vital role in the woodland habitat we are trying to conserve and recreate.

Unfortunately most of our woodland trees are too young to have hollows and this situation will not change for many years to come.

Our older woodland trees are already home to a wide range of wildlife and there are many different ways in which we are improving the habitat. One of these is by providing habitat boxes. The boxes available will differ depending on the area in which they are to be placed.  Please select the type of box provided and give us the name of the sponsor when placing your order, and the woodland team will be able to allocate an appropriate box.

We offer wildlife boxes for Birds, Bats, Bees, Bugs, Hedgehogs and Squirrels.

You can help, by sponsoring our habitat box programme. We will provide you with the location of “your” box so that you can view it when you visit.

Our boxes are made locally by Scottish craftsmen from untreated wood. They will last for at least 10 years and probably a lot longer.

We are asking for your help to achieve the above.

For a donation you can sponsor a habitat box at suitable sites of our choice. In return for your donation, once “your” box has been installed, you’ll receive an email including:

  • A certificate bearing the name or dedication of your choice
  • a photograph of your habitat box in situ and it’s unique identification number
  • map co-ordinates showing its location in case you’d like to go and have a look
  • information about our habitat box programme

Please select which type of box(es) you wish to sponsor on the next page and provide the name or dedication to associate with the sponsorship

Price: £50.00


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