Novelty golf gift idea: become a Lord of the Glen and get 3 FREE Srixon golf balls with a touch of noble flair!

This unusual golf gift includes:

  • A real plot of Scottish land
  • Make someone a Lord of the Glen
  • 3 FREE “Lord of the Glen” golf balls
  • Instantly available download for last minute shoppers.

lord of the glen golf balls

We might be biased, but we think this is the BEST and definitely the best novelty golf gift there is.

The problem with buying a gift for golfers is that they already have everything they need.

We have solved that problem by bundling in 3 FREE quality Srixon golf balls with our luxury 5 square foot “Lord of the Glen” gift pack.

Just picture the scene: the lucky recipient steps up to the tee with his magnificent balls on display. His newly found status as “Lord of the Glen” gives him the confidence to launch the golf ball up the middle of the fairway.

The other players are intimidated, because their balls are less impressive and they may even hesitate before getting them out……

5 sqft – Golfer’s Gift Pack
£60.00(£12.00 per sqft)
$80.00($16.00 per sqft)
€80.95(€16.19 per sqft)
€80.95(€16.19 per sqft)
$AUD118.00($AUD23.60 per sqft)

This gift pack includes

Frequently Asked Questions

What if I get married or change my name?

Simply request a reissue of documents, which you can request via our Customer Support Team.   There is a small cost associated with this request.  More information on changing your name is available from our Deed Poll page.

Do I need to legally register my plot or involve solicitors / lawyers?

No. You cannot register your plot, because it is such a small area; specifically it is defined as a “souvenir plot”.

‘Souvenir’ plots of land have been sold in Scotland for over 30 years. The sale of these plots is governed by the Land Registration (Scotland) Act 1979, recently revised as the Land Registration etc. (Scotland) Act 2012. Please note that this act does not permit souvenir plots of land to be added to the Land Register.  Read more about souvenir plots of Scotland.

How will I know which plot is mine?

The location of each plot is unique. 

When you login to our Welcome page, you will be able to see your plot on Google Maps alongside its What3Words identifier.

What information do I get about my plot?

If you have been given a plot, you can download an electronic copy of your certificate, access our virtual Handbook, experience our Pan360 virtual tour as well as some other cool features via the Highland Titles Welcome Dashboard. Please have your plot number to hand and visit and follow the on-screen instructions. 

In our Welcome Dashboard, you will see the exact location of your plot on Google Maps, as well as the What3Words string that identifies the 3m x 3m box your plot is in.

If your plot was purchased a long time ago it may not be linked to your account. 

If all else fails, please contact us.

Can I visit the land?


Yes, and we encourage you to do so. Our plots are now sold from our Kilnaish Estate, which is remote, but for the full visitor experience you’ll want to visit the Highland Titles Nature Reserve at Duror, near Glencoe. Here we have a Visitor Centre and Guided Tour service (booking essential). Please note that plots are no longer sold from Duror but this reserve showcases our story.

How to visit 

Book a guided tour 

The physical location of each plot is not marked on the ground, and we would prefer to leave the land untouched, so if you do visit your plot on any of our reserves, please do not mark it once you have found it.