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Land management voting forms: your voice is heard

Part of being a Highland Titles Lord, Laird or Lady is being active and involved with decisions about the management of the land and our resources. As such, we encourage your participation by sharing land management polls with our community. Here you can see the reaction of the community to these important questions. Your feedback has helped to bring many actions to fruition and will continue to do so in the future.

Highland Titles Nature Reserve charitable donations


Update from Highland Titles: The majority of our support is obviously directed towards the management of our Glencoe and Lochaber estates and the continuation of our various conservation projects. Over the years we have also supported a number of worthwhile causes including: Scottish Wildcat Association and Trees for Life. In 2020, we decided to run a number of charitable campaigns to support: Lochaber Food Bank, Hessilhead Wildlife Rescue, Red Squirrel Survival Trust, Scottish Badgers, and the Scottish Society for Prevention of Cruelty to Animals. We also support our local community including the regular visits and fundraising with local schools and sponsorship of the Lochaber Highland Pipe Band.

How do you think we should manage the Meet and Greet service ongoing?


Update from Highland Titles: We started operating a ticket system for our Meet and Greet Service. Ultimately, this allowed us to spend more money on conservation. Tickets cost £10 on our website, and the Meet and Greet is included for free with 10 sqft and 100 sqft plots. Please note that we welcome all visitors to walk around the land and use either a map or our free app to navigate the reserve.

Are you in favour of creating vegetable patches on the Highland Titles Nature Reserve for local primary schools to use?


Update from Highland Titles: As much as we (and you!) like the idea of having a little area of the reserve dedicated to organic vegetable growing, it seems that the local schools are already well provided for in this respect. We have no plans to take this idea further.

Do you like the idea of a Highland Titles gift designed for children aged 5-11?

Update from Highland Titles: We did briefly offer this but it didn’t prove as popular as we hoped.

How interested are you in being able to buy a Highland Titles “Laird’s Brew”, a herbal tea inspired by the nature reserve?


Update from Highland Titles: We loved this idea and with some help from Cindy at Miss Integritea, we launched a herbal tea inspired by the reserve. Our special tea was a great success, but is now sadly all sold.

Are you in favour of green burials taking place on the Highland Titles estates?


Update from Highland Titles: As it stands, our Lairds, Lords and Ladies are able to scatter ashes on the Nature Reserve. Having looked into the question of green burials, we have realised that it is far more complicated and demanding that we first thought and we’re not in a position to offer this service.

How do you think we should deal with the Sitka Spruce on the Highland Titles estates?


Update from Highland Titles: We started manually removing some of the worst Sitka from our land. We let some of the felled trees rot to see if the land would regenerate itself and used others to construct bug hotels. However, we realised in 2019 that the soil had become too acidic, and therefore, the regeneration hadn’t been particularly successful.

We are now trying a new strategy: as the Sitka Spruce is sadly years away from economic harvesting, we have been thinning a new area. We are hoping that opening it up without felling every single tree – and leaving a horrible bald hill in the process – will be enough to encourage some grass, moss, and other ground cover regrowth, while still offering some shelter to the wildlife.

As a Highland Titles landowner, how do you think memorial souvenirs should be managed?


Update from Highland Titles: We are still trying to find some suitable biodegradable mementoes to sell from our website. In the meantime, we will clear the land of non-biodegradable products on a regular basis.

What app features are you most interested in seeing?


Update from Highland Titles: An overwhelming majority of you wanted to see live pictures and webcam footage from the estate in the app. Live webcam footage and our virtual tour are available in the Highland Titles App as well as the new Highland Titles exclusive dashboard for our Lords, ladies and Lairds.

What other products or accessories would you like to see from Highland Titles?


Update from Highland Titles: We are constantly researching new accessories for our gift section, always with these results in mind. Quality is very important to us and so sourcing the right products isn’t an easy one. We will continue to expand the gift section as and when we find the right products.

What plants and/or wildlife on the Highland Titles Nature Reserve would you be keen to learn about?


Update from Highland Titles: Every month we update the Highland Titles Community with articles and anecdotes about plants and wildlife on the Highland Titles Nature Reserve. Since the vote we have written a comprehensive guide to Scottish birds and lots of blogs about our trees.

What VIP Privileges would you like to see more of?


Update from Highland Titles: We now have 10+ offers on places to stay on our Highland Titles VIP Privileges website.

What would you most like to see introduced to the Nature Reserve?


Update from Highland Titles: You asked, we delivered! The primary purpose of our Lochaber estate is to attract the bumblebees. All aspects of active planting and ridding of non-native plant species is done with the sole purpose of being the best environment for the Bumblebees.

Should we purchase new land?


Update from Highland Titles: Mountain View Nature Reserve was opened in 2014 and overlooks the magnificent Loch Loyne near Lochaber.