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A Guide to the Master Title Deed

What is a Master Title Deed

The Master Title Deed is a legal document accepted in many jurisdictions, that asserts your right to be known by your new title. You have this right as a Scottish estate owner. The Master Title Deed simple asserts your right to use your title in a way that many government departments, banks and other organisations understand.

How to execute your Master Title Deed

The Master Title Deed should be signed in the presence of a witness. This is known as executing your deed. Please read these notes carefully to make sure that you execute your Master Title Deed correctly. Once you have executed the deed you can begin using your Master Title Deed to get your records changed into your new Title. You should NOT send your executed deed back to us, but provide it to the agencies that need to change your title in their records.


The witness must be:

  • at least 18 years of age
  • must be able to read English (but need not be of any particular Nationality)
  • must not be a family member (not a relative, not share your address, not have the same surname)
  • must watch you sign the Master Title Deed and then sign the Deed


Who to notify of your new Title and/or name

Once you have executed your Master Title Deed, you may advise all organisations that hold your personal details in writing of your change of title and/or name.  We advise you to enclose a Stamped Addressed Envelope to ensure that the document is returned.

Passport OfficePassports do not have an option to record your title. Pauper or Prince, your title will not appear on your passport.
DVLA – for Driving LicenceFor countries that permit you to display a title on your driving licence, we suggest that you Fill in the change of address section on your paper licence or your photocard’s paper counterpart and send the original Master Title Deed certificate) with the licence and a filled-in form (available to download in the UK from, or a Post Office..
Bank/Building SocietyTake the original Master Title Deed into your branch and advise them of your change of title and/or name.
Credit and store cardsWrite enclosing your Master Title Deed asking that they be reissued showing your new title and/or name.
EmployerTake your Master Title Deed to your personnel department
Inland Revenue (Tax)Write to your tax office giving your tax reference and enclose your Master Title Deed. If you are currently unemployed, contact your local tax office (details at (
National Insurance Contributions OfficeWrite to ABW1, National Insurance Contributions Office, Benton Park View, Newcastle upon Tyne, NE98 1ZZ enclosing your Master Title Deed and quoting your National Insurance Number
Other Organisations and companies
DoctorInternet Service ProviderProfessional bodies
DentistWater CompanyFinance/loan Company
OpticianElectricity CompanyPension Company
TV Licensing AuthorityGas CompanyLocal Authority (Council Tax)
Premium Bond OfficeTelephone CompanyInsurance Company
SolicitorMobile Phone CompanyClubs and Societies

Change of Title and/or Name Letter

We have enclosed a sample letter that you may use as a template when you write to Government Departments and organisations notifying them of your change of Title and/or Name. You will need to adapt the wording to suit your details and the person to whom you are writing. Always ensure that you quote any reference, account or policy number and end the letter with your new title and name.

Example letter notifying your new title

Below is a sample letter that you may use as a template when you write to government departments banks or other organisations to notify them of your new title. You will need to modify the wording depending on whom you are addressing. The letter refers to enclosing a photocopy, but the section “Who to advise” above will give you some guidance on who will require sight of your Master Title Deed. Please make sure that you quote your reference number (if you have one) and always sign your letter with your new title.

If you intend to enclose your original Master Title Deed, or a certified copy (your bank may be prepared to provide you with certified copies without charge), the last paragraph should read “Please find enclosed my original Master Title Deed. I would appreciate its safe and prompt return” or ….

“Please find enclosed a certified copy of my Master Title Deed. I would appreciate its safe and prompt return”