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Conserving Scotland, one square foot at a time™

We aim to manage, improve and conserve Scotland through land management, strategic partnerships and education

Land Management

The Scottish Highlands are beautiful, rugged and wild.  It was once covered in ancient woodland but activities such as commercial forestry and intensive farming have altered the landscape forever, destroying the natural habitat of many species.

The nature reserves funded by our community are a long term rewilding project and hopefully will one day be restored to their natural state.


We have made good progress in the first 10 years, including:

  • creating a 3 acre lochan
  • removing non-native Sitka Spruce
  • planting native broadleaf trees
  • controlling the bracken using natural methods
  • installing beehives and planting wild flowers


Land Management



We have partnered with some fantastic organisations over the years and have achieved a great deal more by utilising their expertise.

Wildcat Haven

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Hybridisation (wildcats mating with feral cats) has made the Scottish wildcat the most endangered mammal in the world.  Wildcat Haven was created by a team experts with backgrounds in conservation, wildlife and animal welfare. Using their humane “trap, neuter and return” technique, they have cleared fertile feral cats from an area of 350 square miles, allowing the wildcat population to begin to recover. Highland Titles have been a partner since 2013 and have recently gifted part of the reserve at Mountain View to become part of the Wildcat Haven.

The Bat Conservation Trust

The Bat Conservation Trust supports over 100 local bat groups and 6000 members.

In addition to protecting bats and the landscape on which they rely, The Bat Conservation Trust conduct research into how bats live and help to educate the public on their importance.

We know of 4 species of bat at our nature reserves: the common pipistrelle, the soprano pipistrelle, the Dabenton’s bat and the brown long-eared bat.

Webster Honey


Bees. Flying balls of stripey fur and pollinators of 80% of the UK’s agricultural crops. Without them there’d be no human race and there’d be no honey, obviously. 1/3 of all vegetables and fruits produced are pollinated by honeybees and the world still seem very unaware of the plight of this delicate species. Webster Honey, based in Kinross, are an eco friendly organisation that is passionate about – Honey.
Highland Titles currently have 7 hives in Glencoe Wood, as well as a whole area dedicated to them at Mountainview!


tree planting groups schoolIn addition to reaching tens of thousands of people each year with our own conservation message, we engage with local schools to help keep the natural world fresh in the minds of children.  Sir David Attenborough once said “I don’t know any child that’s not fascinated by the natural world.”  The real question is why do they lose it?

Highland Titles works with local schools as we know how important it is for children and youths to be aware of the world around us and what they can do to do their part to take care of the environment. By getting schools and students involved in hands-on activities that can benefit the environment, it becomes a part of their everyday life – not just a one time thing.

Highland Titles works with a couple of schools in the area, including Kinlochleven High and Ballachulish Primary in everything from fundraising to simply raising awareness via a variety of activities and “days out” at the reserve.