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Plan a visit to the Highland Titles Nature Reserve at Lochaber

Visit Mountainview and see the wonderful landscape your support has helped to facilitate

Bumblebee Haven, located at Lochaber, is sustained by the ongoing support of the over 100,000+ Highland Titles community. With the purchase of every plot, we are able to work with our partners to plant more trees and wildflowers, build more shelters for the animals that inhabit the reserves, and progress in our efforts to conserve the land for future generations as well as offer a unique and charming gift to those who support the progress of our efforts.  We also work alongside partner, Plan Bee, to ensure the bees are being taken care of and are able to flourish in the reserve for years to come.

Planning ahead

Unfortunately, the Meet and Greet service is not currently available at our second Highland Titles Nature Reserve. There are plenty of activities to keep you busy at Lochaber, though, and we invite you to contact us in advance of your trip for more tailored or seasonal suggestions!

Download our FREE Scottish Estate Manager App 

The Lords and Ladies of Glencoe can download our Scottish Estate Manager App, which is available for FREE for those who wish to stay in touch with the estate, wherever they are in the world. Use the ‘plot finder’ feature on the app to locate your plot of land. The plot finder uses interactive map and satellite navigation technology to direct you to your plot from wherever you are in the world.

The app also has a whole host of other great features, including:

  • A dashboard giving you a quick real-time overview of your plot
  • Your own identification card to prove your title and landownership
  • And much, much more. 

All you need to login to the app is your plot ID and the first 6 digits of your Ordinance Survey reference number. Start using the Highland Titles Scottish Estate Manager app now to enhance your lord and lady experience.

To get your hands on our app, visit your app store and search for ‘Highland Titles’

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How to find the Highland Titles Nature Reserve at Lochaber

Address of the Nature Reserve:

Highland Titles Nature Reserve – Mountainview at Lochaber
Just off the A87 on the shores of Loch Loyne
Invergarry, Highlands
PH35 4HR


INSERT MAP (Links to Google Maps)

Arrive by car

The nature reserve, also widely referred to as Bumblebee Haven, is located approximately 10 miles from Invergarry.  The drive to the reserve takes approximately 10-15 minutes. This would be the most recommended suggestion for travel to the reserve, as public transportation is less consistent in this area of the Scottish Highlands. It also allows for more exploration, as we’re sure you’ll want to pull over for pictures at least every few miles!

Arrive by rail

There are no rail stations in Invergarry, therefore the nearest stations would be in Spean Bridge (approximately 16 miles from Invergarry) and Inverness (approximately 41 miles away). Unless you have other transportation organised, we wouldn’t necessarily recommend this mode of travel to reach Lochaber.

Arrive by bus

Buses leave from Edinburgh, Glasgow and Inverness and make stops in Invergarry. Refer to Citylink to check times. Further transportation would need to be organised to reach the reserve, though.

Directions from airports

From Glasgow Airport (approximately 3 hours)
Take the M8 from Exit 28 and follow the A82 to the A87.

From Edinburgh Airport (approximately 3 hours 25 mins)
Take the M9 from Eastfield Rd, Glasgow Rd/A8 and Exit 1, then take the M90 and A9 to General Wade’s Military Rd/A889 in Highland, finally take the A86 to A87.

From Inverness Airport (approximately 1 hour 25 mins)
Take the B9039 to the A96, then follow the A82 and A887 to the A87.

How to find your plot

As it is designed to do just that, we do recommend using our FREE Scottish Estate App to locate your app, but there are a few other ways to find it if you choose to do so. 

Using your own GPS device

Each plot of land we sell is uniquely identified by its Ordnance Survey (OS) Grid Reference number. Along with your unique OS grid reference number, your Certificate of Sale includes the latitude and longitude co-ordinates of your plot. Simply enter the co-ordinates into your device and enjoy the adventure!

The plot locator map

If you don’t have a smartphone, this map may be of use to you.  You can buy an Ordnance Survey map of the area from our accessories page.

The Plot Locator map will enable you to get to the approximate location of your estate. Because it is impractical to stake each plot, you will require a GPS to get the last few metres to the exact location of your estate.

If you wish to have a map when you visit your plot, we recommend you take the Ordnance Survey map.

Things to do at Mountainview/Lochaber

Worried you won’t have enough to keep you busy while visiting your plot? Don’t be silly! There’s plenty of activities that you can do within the reserve at Lochaber such as:

  • Fishing on Loch Loyne (known to fishermen as one of the best Pike lochs in the Highlands!)
  • Enjoy a hike amongst the tree or a picnic on the shores of the loch
  • Wildlife and bird watching
  • Take breathtaking photos of the stunning scenery and surround mountains