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The inhabitants of our Nature Reserves

From otters to honeybees…

The Highland Titles Nature Reserves, located within the vast landscape of the Scottish Highlands, are inhabited by a vast array of plants and animals. From otters to honeybees, the areas encompass a variety of habitats allowing for multiple species to coexist. It is our goal to take our two reserves (Glencoe Wood and Mountain View) and rehabilitate the land, ravaged by commercial forestation, and provide a lush and flourishing landscape for the species native to this land to thrive in.

We recommend learning more about each reserve’s individual characteristics by reading more about their habitats and the organisms who live there.

We post updates from the reserves, including footage from our wildlife “spy-cams” on our Facebook page regularly. Follow along as we capture photos and videos of the animals establishing homes on the reserve!



More than meets the eye

It’s not just trees, flowers and animals that can be found all over the reserves. There is a plethora of species of insects, lichens, mosses and more.

From birds to bees – everyone needs a home

Species big and small are important to the balance of an eco-system, especially one as delicate as this. This means we must make sure all animals, big and small, are catered to. This is why we have begun to offer habitat boxes as an offer for sponsorship. These range from bird and bat boxes to bug and bee hotels and allow these small creature to do their normally “undercover” work and give them a home to move in to and flourish.