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Become a Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe*

  • Buy a plot of land in Scotland
  • You may style yourself as Lord or Lady of Glencoe
  • Become part of a unique conservation project

When you buy a plot of land from Highland Titles, you join a community of over 200,000 people around the world who have made a contribution towards conserving Scotland.  In return,  they are addressed within the community as Lairds, Lords and Ladies of Glencoe and/or Lochaber.

The Laird lifestyle

There are many ways to enjoy the Laird’s lifestyle. We encourage our community to make the most of their new titles and have some fun with it. We love hearing stories about flight upgrades and preferential treatment that comes about as a result of the titles.

When you join the Highland Titles community, you will receive updates on the land and conservation efforts that your support makes possible. We also sponsor Highland gatherings around the world where many of our overseas lairds come to celebrate their heritage.  We even hold our own Gathering once a year in Glencoe where Lairds from across the globe get together for 3 days to learn more about the reserves and even have the chance to visit their plots!

Members of the Highland Titles community also have the traditional landowner responsibilities to participate in land management votes and share thoughts and opinions on what should be done in the everlasting effort to restore and nurture the land.

The Highland Titles Scottish Estate Manager App was also created for our Lairds, Lords and Ladies to discover and locate their plots from anywhere in the world. It’s totally free and connects you even more to your little piece of Scotland, even if you can’t be here to see it first-hand.

Laird and Lady

Bird 2

The ability to officially change your name

Once you have received your gift pack, many customers immediately want to show off their new “title” by changing their name. Some of our customers make this official and ask their bank to add their new title to their bank account and credit cards.

You may purchase a Master Titles Deed

A Master Title Deed is a legal document that provides evidence of your desire to change your name. We do not currently know of any jurisdiction where Deed Polls are not recognised but encourage you to do your research in your country of residence.

Please note that government documents which do not display any title, such as passports, cannot be changed, but subject to good faith, people can style themselves however they please. Find out more about how to become a traditional Lord, Laird or Lady.

The right to use our official Tartan and Buckler

Another benefit to becoming a Laird, Lord or Lady of Glencoe or Lochaber is that you will then be able to proudly display and wear the Highland Titles Buckler and Tartan. The Tartan has been specially designed for our Highland Titles community and has been registered with the official Scottish Register of Tartans exclusively for the Highland Titles’ Lairds.

The Highland Titles Buckler is styled like our very own coat of arms, or crest, to represent our Lairds. It has been registered as our trademark, but is not, in fact, an official Scottish Coat of Arms. It does, though, incorporate symbols of our involvement in preservation and conservation of Scottish land, which we feel our community will feel proud to represent. The shield bears a silhouette of a full grown oak tree along with the buckle design.


Getting the VIP Highland Titles treatment

The local people and businesses of Glencoe have helped create a special Highland Titles VIP Card, which can be used for a variety of discounts when you visit the area. Discounts are dependent on how large your plot is and when it was purchased, but range from free drinks with a meal, exciting outdoor activities to a years membership at the local golf club!

The VIP Highland Titles treatment also includes the chance to participate in our annual Highland Titles New Years Honours List, in which you have the ability to nominate someone special to you, or your community, to be considered for the honour of being included on the annual list.  All those “honoured” will be given a plot and will be welcomed into our global community!


Accessorise, Laird style

No Lairdship is truly complete without the accessories! Whether it be a personalised gift for that special Laird in your life or a lovely set of Glencoe crest cufflinks or Highland Titles Tartan scarf to make you feel like a debonair Lord or elegant Lady, there’s definitely something to suit every taste. By buying a plot and becoming a part of the community, it means you’re also on the inside track when new accessories are added, and may even have a chance to participate in trying new products before they’re released.

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