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The Everlasting Gift

Our mission is to fund the creation of multiple nature reserves throughout Scotland by selling the most engaging gift in the world.

Now in our eleventh year, we believe we are well on the way to achieving this, and do not know of another gift company that engages so well and so often with its customers.

We take huge pride in our mission, as do our customers.  Tens of thousands of Lairds, Lords and Ladies have visited our nature reserves, all of whom have strengthened their emotional ties with Scotland.

Our Origins

Highland Titles was founded in 2006 by Dr. Peter Bevis, a Fellow of the Zoological Society of London, and his daughter, Laura. They started by selling plots from the family’s land in order to fund additional tree planting. The mission was simply to restore land that had been devastated by centuries of farming and unsympathetic commercial forestry.

The idea proved popular and the company was soon able to purchase a larger piece of land and expand the scope of the project. Highland Titles now own and operate two nature reserves in the beautiful highlands of Scotland and thank our thousands of supporters for making this possible.

Natural Progress

The Highland Titles Nature Reserve at Glencoe Wood was acquired in 2007. It consisted of 250 acres that had long been used for commercial forestry and hill farming. This became the focus of an ambitious long-term project to transform the land into a nature reserve.

Key objectives for the land included:

  • To help preserve and encourage protection of flora and fauna in the West Highland area
  • To offer an amenity to the local community
  • To provide an education medium for local schools and organisations

The plans were laid out in full in our first Five-Year Plan, published in 2008. This document reviews our performance against the original goals we set out for conserving the Highland Titles Nature Reserve.

In 2014, we were able to purchase a second plot of land approximately 10 miles West of Invergarry, called Mountain View. As with so much of the Highlands, this 200 acre site had been used for commercial forestry and planted mainly with non-native Sitka Spruce. We eventually hope to create multiple havens for wildlife at this site and shortly after the purchase of this land in 2014, we created Bumblebee Haven, an area protected against deer with a fence, which with the help of the Bumblebee Trust and Trees for Life, we hope to enrich with a variety of flowering plants and trees. As we work to remove the non-native trees that provide little food or protection for the local wildlife, we have been planting several areas of more suitable habitat and endeavour to plant wild flowers to provide nectar and pollen for the bees that now make their home there.

My Lords, Ladies & Gentlemen Lairds

As you may know, Scottish landowners have long been referred to as “Lairds”.  As such, it seemed only natural for us to address our customers in this manner when we started the project 10 years ago. You may also recognise Laird as a Scottish word which translates into English as “Lord” and the female equivalent of both is “Lady”.

As well as our beautiful gift pack, our customers obtain a personal right to a souvenir plot of Scottish land. Whilst this makes for a wonderful gift on its own, being addressed as “Laird”, “Lord” or “Lady” definitely adds to the charm. There’s more to becoming a Laird, Lord or Lady than meets the eye, as with the stylised lordship title, comes the lifestyle.

The “title” is at least partly responsible for capturing the imagination of the world’s media, including many prime time slots on leading global TV channels.


The Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotland

In 2014, the ownership of Highland Titles Limited was passed to The Highland Titles Charitable Trust for Scotland, a charity registered in Guernsey, number CH444. The Trust will endure in perpetuity and ensures that the land we own – more than 400 acres – can only ever be used for the purposes of conservation. Eventually, we hope to have a network of nature reserves throughout the Highlands of Scotland.

We also participate in donating to various charities and local clubs in the Highlands. We believe a sense of community is what brings people to Highland Titles, and we believe that giving back to the groups that support us and our local areas are what keep us going.

Your piece of Scotland

One of the perks of joining the 200,000+ strong Highland Titles community is the ability to enjoy your land both on site and from afar. As a Laird of Glencoe and/or Lochaber, you have the privilege of managing and enjoying your land whether you pay a visit to your plot in person or take advantage of a ‘virtual’ visit. You also get the opportunity to vote on important land management topics, the chance to name, dedicate and pass on your land and much more. By being a part of the Community, there are numerous ways to get involved and truly enjoy the landowner experience. Our community cares about Scotland, and we are proud to have provided them with the means to connect with their heritage and be part of its future.

We invite you to begin by registering your plot. Doing so opens up your world of Highland Titles lordship and shows you the benefits that come along not only with being a Laird, Lord or Lady, but by being a part of a progressive and ongoing conservation project.

Our Mission

Simply put, we want to carry on what we’re doing:  Conserving Scotland, one square foot at a time.™

See what others think of our progress so far.