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Clan Fraser: Origins, History and Battles

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 12th October 2018, last updated: 3rd October 2022

Proud, loyal and reliable in battle: Clan Fraser originated in the Scottish Lowlands, but soon grew to become one of the most formidable forces in the Scottish Highlands. With a long military history, Clan Fraser continues to capture imagination and appear in popular culture today.

The Fraser Name: Meaning, Origin and Survival

There are two theories on where the name Fraser comes from:

The first theory is that the Frasers came from France and the name is derived from the French names Fresel, Freseau or Fredarious.

The second theory is that the name Fraser comes from a Roman Gaul tribe whose badge was a strawberry plant – fraisier in French.

Either way, the history books show the first Fraser in Scotland lived in Keith in East Lothian around 1160.

During the Wars of Scottish Independence, the Fraser fought alongside Robert the Bruce, and Alexander Fraser of Cowie even married Bruce’s sister. It was during the 14th century when Clan Fraser split into two separate clans – the Lowland Frasers of Philorth, and the Frasers of Lovat – which are today recognised as two separate clans with common ancestry.

Clan Fraser of Philorth are led by the Lords Saltoun, and they had their seat in Cairnbulg Castle, close to the nearby town and burgh that is today known as Fraserburgh.

Cairnbulg Castle. Photo by Astrid Horn. / CC BY-SA 2.0

Is there a Fraser tartan?

Clan Fraser Tartan

There are four main incarnations of the Fraser clan tartan.

What colours are in Fraser clan tartan?

The variations include the mostly red Fraser Dress tartan, the dark hues of the Lovat tartan, the colourful Green Fraser Gathering tartan, and the Fraser tartan from the Vestiarium Scoticum.

The most common one, and the one listed in the Vestiarium Scoticum, is the mostly red Fraser tartan, with thick navy and green stripes and thinner white stripes.

Photo by Celtus / CC BY-SA 2.5

Fraser Family Crest

Clan Fraser Crest Badge

The clan’s crest was a symbol of allegiance, used by clan members to show allegiance to their clan chief. The Clan Fraser crest features three cinquefoils, strawberry flowers, or Fraises, as they’re usually known. The name ‘Fraser’ even comes from this French word ‘fraise’, which means ‘strawberry’.

The clan motto is ‘Je Suis Prest’, which is old French for ‘I am ready’. Why is the Clan Fraser motto French? There are various theories about this but it’s generally thought that the clan originated from an area in France that is now the Maine-et-Loire region. The earliest spellings of the name are ‘de Fresel’, ‘de Friselle’ and ‘de Freseliere’, and you’ll still find Frézelières in the region in France today.

Photo by George Way / CC BY-SA 2.0

Clan Fraser: Feuds and Fighting

The Fraser clans are known for their fighting spirit, and unsurprisingly the Frasers fought in many wars and even continue to serve today. Throughout history, Clan Fraser clashed with the Macdonalds and the Mackenzies. However, they found allies in Clan Munro and often fought side by side.

One of the most notorious battles involving Clan Fraser occurred in 1544 in the Great Glen at the northern end of Loch Lochy. In a dispute over chiefship of the Macdonald clan, Hugh Fraser 3rd Lord Lovat brought four hundred of his best men and had planned to team up with Clan Gordon. But the head of Clan Gordon decided to return his men to their own territory when no battle materialised, however, the MacDonalds had been stalking Clan Fraser waiting for the opportunity to attack.

Without Clan Gordon’s support, Clan Fraser was outnumbered and, despite their determination, hundreds of men were slaughtered. It is reported only five Frasers and eight MacDonalds survived the bloody fight. The battle is often referred to as the Battle of the Shirts, since it is believed to have been such a warm day that the warriors had to remove their heavy plaids in the heat and fight only in their shirts.

At the Siege of Inverness in 1562, Clan Fraser fought valiantly for Mary, Queen of Scots, alongside Clan Munro. Together they took Inverness Castle for the queen.

Inverness Castle, Scotland

Inverness Castle. Photo by David Ilff / CC BY-SA 3.0

During the Jacobite Rebellion, the Stewart monarchy reached out to the Highland Clan Fraser of Lovat for their assistance in regaining the throne. While the Lowland Fraser’s clan chief Thomas Fraser was hesitant to get involved in the Jacobite Rebellion, his men marched into the Battle of Killiecrankie in 1689 regardless.

One of the more infamous Frasers was the 11th Lord Lovat, a man called Simon Fraser. The Jacobite, known as The Fox, was notorious for his feuding and switching his allegiances. He caused widespread outrage, when he kidnapped the sister-in-law of his enemy John Murray, Earl of Tullibardine, and forced her to marry him, then raped her.

Facing prosecution, The Fox fled to France where he lived as a Jacobite spy, until he was eventually caught. Simon Fraser’s execution was as violent as his life. A timber erection collapsed under the weight of the crowd that had gathered to witness the beheading, instantly killing nine people. This caused great amusement to Fraser, who could barely contain his laughter… giving life to the idiom to ‘laugh your head off’.

Battle of Culloden

Clan Fraser’s organised regiment, the Independent Highland Company fought at the Battle of Culloden in 1745, and to this day a grave marker stands at the site where many of Clan Fraser’s men gave their lives.

Culloden was the last pitched battle fought on British soil – that is, a battle where the place and time were determined beforehand, rather than a chance encounter. The battle was the last of the “Forty-five Rebellion”, and the Jacobites, led by Bonnie Prince Charlie were defeated by the British army, led by William Augustus, Duke of Cumberland.

The Jacobites were hampered by boggy ground, and a well-equipped British army who were trying out a new tactic of bayoneting the exposed side of the man to the right, rather than confronting the one directly in front – which worked in their favour. The battle lasted less than an hour, and the Jacobites who managed to flee the scene were rounded up and killed in the following weeks.

Clan Fraser were prominent Jacobite supporters, and in the Battle of Culloden, Clan Fraser suffered great losses. Charles Fraser of Inverallochy led the Frasers into battle at Culloden, and was fatally wounded during the battle.

Mad Lord Lovat

Clan Fraser’s organised regiment, the Independent Highland Company fought at the Battle of Culloden in 1745, and to this day a grave marker stands at the site where many of Clan Fraser’s men gave their lives.

Clan Fraser has a long military history – a history which came full circle when the 17th Lord Lovat landed on a Normandy beach in June 1944 at the head of a Commando Brigade. Upon the realisation he had landed back where the Frasers had come from, Lord Lovat ordered his personal piper to pipe the unit ashore. This could have spelled disaster for the Commandos, however, the nearby German soldiers reportedly did not fire on the group because they thought their leader, Lord Lovat, was mad.

 Photo of Clan Fraser's gravestone located on the site of the Battle of Culloden

Photo of Clan Fraser’s gravestone located on the site of the Battle of Culloden. Photo by Canaen / CC BY-SA 2.5

Scottish Clan Map: The Clan Fraser Territories

Clan Fraser of Lovat’s main territory was around the Black Isle and the Beauly Firth in Inverness-shire. From the 13th century on, Dounie Castle was the seat of Clan Fraser. However, during the Jacobite Rebellion, the castle was seized and destroyed. In its place, Beaufort Castle was built, which would eventually be put up for sale in 1995 by Lord Lovat to cover mounting family debts.

Loch Ness’ only island, Cherry Island, was once the site of a Fraser castle and according to legend was home to a spirit called a brownie which came out at night to help with household and farming chores.

Other Fraser castles in Beauly include Moniack Castle, which today produces wines, liqueurs and preserves, and Erchless Castle, which can be rented as holiday accommodation. The Frasers of Reelig also continue to live in Beauly, in Reelig House.

Clan Fraser of Philforth laid claim to lands around East Lothian and Aberdeenshire. Castle Fraser in Aberdeenshire was home to the Fraser family for 400 years and it now owned by the National Trust for Scotland and open to the public. With hidden doors, secret staircases and spy holes, it’s a fascinating piece of Clan Fraser history to explore.

Castle Fraser in Aberdeenshire

Castle Fraser in Aberdeenshire. Photo by Karora / Public Domain.

Is Fraser Scottish or Irish?

Fraser is a Scottish name, although there are many descendants of Clan Fraser all around the world – including Ireland, but you’ll also find Frasers in Australia, New Zealand, Canada and beyond.

Clan Fraser Descendants

Today large populations of Clan Fraser live in Canada and the United States, with other Frasers found in Australia, New Zealand and South America, as well as a strong contingent remaining in Scotland.

A Famous Fraser: Jamie Fraser from Outlander

Jamie Fraser (Outlander TV Show Character) The popular TV show Outlander has brought Clan Fraser into the hearts and minds of fans all over the world, thanks to one of the main characters, Jamie Fraser, played by Scottish actor Sam Heughan.

Several Frasers are depicted in the show, including Brian Fraser, a character inspired by the notorious Simon Fraser, The Fox.

Photo © Starz.

What tartan does Jamie Fraser wear in Outlander?

Jamie Fraser wears several different tartans throughout the course of Outlander. When we first meet him, he’s hiding out with his mother’s family, and is wearing the MacKenzie tartan as she was born a MacKenzie.

Later, we see him wearing the Clan Fraser tartan. He usually wears the Fraser Weathered Hunting tartan. Every tartan has several variations for different purposes, including Ancient Hunting, Modern Hunting, Weathered, and so on. The Fraser Hunting tartan looks quite different depending on the variation – the Weathered version has muted browns and greens, while the Ancient Hunting has blue as its main colour, and the Modern Hunting is red and green.

Frasers with Highland Titles

As of April 2022, there are over 1100 plots in the Highland Titles clan under the Fraser name.

Highland Titles: A Very Modern Clan

Alike historical clans, our community also share the investment and attachment to the land, our Nature Reserves, and we even have our own tartan and crest. Join the clan by purchasing a plot of land and continue our mission to conserve Scotland, one square foot at a time™!  We also have a guide about tracing your Scottish ancestry.

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Written by: Stewart Borland

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  • Michael Fraser Jarnagin
    15/11/18 - 05:38

    Stewart, you give an interesting representation of the Fraser crest by showing only that of the lowland Frasers. Why was the crest of the highland Frasers of Lovat omitted? Thank you… Mike Jarnagin

  • David frazier
    22/03/19 - 23:21

    Would like to see family breast of the highlands clans

  • Julie Frazier Buchanan
    23/05/19 - 02:26

    I also would like to see the Fraser of Lovat Family Crest.

  • Diane Frasr
    16/06/19 - 11:17

    I live in Australia,and have lived here since i was 4 moved from England in 1970 I would like to find out which clan i come from Lovats or low landers,my brother and I has resemblence to Simon Fraser, my partner and I want to be travel to Scotland and see where my ancestors come from
    Diane Fraser

  • Al Jones
    21/07/19 - 20:41

    My ancestors came from Ayrshire Scotland and I wonder if they are part of the Fraser Clan? My research says yes but I remain uncertain.



  • Sandra POLVERE
    17/08/19 - 17:14

    I am a Fraser. My father was born in Canada, but his father and family were from Arbroath. I am doing my ancestry and have traced the Fraser name back to Clachnaharry in 1700’s. How do I determine if we are highland Frasers or lowland Frasers?
    Thank you.

  • Francis Fraser
    25/08/19 - 12:01

    I would like to get in touch with Frasers from South Africa. My father was born in Beauly Scotland. I live in Cape Town

  • Stephen Ross Walden
    27/08/19 - 00:49

    I too support showing the highland clan crest alongside. It’s useless, otherwise.

  • Becky
    05/09/19 - 07:47

    I would also love to see our clan represented here, and not just by the Lovat tartan. “I am Ready “…

  • Denise perry
    10/09/19 - 11:31

    My Maiden name was Oliver I believe that this is part of the Fraser Clan, I would welcome any information about my ancestry.

  • Norman Fraser
    21/09/19 - 18:42

    Denise Perry, please contact me at [email protected]. I have both Frasers and Olivers in my family tree.

  • Antonia L Mauro
    15/10/19 - 23:30

    Is there actually a motto of “Je Suis Prest” for the Fraser clan? Also, I understood Simon Fraser to be the “fox” not Brian. Am I incorrect? Thanks so much!

  • Wayne Higgins
    04/11/19 - 22:10

    I don’t know much about my family heritage apart from we’re from the Fraser Clan. My dad has passed and there’s only one living auntie who is close to 100 years old. I really want to know more about my heritage and don’t really know where to start I’m a 3rd generation Scott with a middle name Stewart and always thought we came from clan Stewart can anyone help track my heritage please

  • John David Fraser III
    08/11/19 - 03:06

    Hello Antonia. “Je Suis Prest” is the highland, Lovat clan motto. Brian is the name of the tv character. Based on Simon

  • Gilbert A Fraser
    01/12/19 - 22:19

    My Grandfather Errol Fraser and his Brother Donald Fraser where in NYC From the Early 1900’s Until Erroll Fraser Death in 1971.

  • Kevin Fraser
    04/12/19 - 19:33

    While the article is very interesting, there does appear to be a few omissions – namely the Fraser’s in South Africa, some of whom are descendants originally from Shetland Islands. I have yet to establish the link to which Clan they belong to, highlanders or lowlanders. I am busy with my ancestry and be interested to know.

    The crest with motto “Je Suis Prest “ is also not displayed.

    Thanks for the interesting article.

  • Adrian Devine
    08/12/19 - 12:09

    I have a family brooch ( in gold), but cannot find out what it’s history is ?

  • Melvin Wilcox
    05/01/20 - 16:08

    I am a Frazier – mother’s maiden name – and interested in tracing the family to Scotland. My ancestors are from the Alabama and southeastern US area and I wonder if you could share any info you may have tying these Fraziers to one of the clans.
    Thanks for any information.

  • Janette Galton
    09/05/20 - 06:08

    My great-great grandmother was Ann Fraser born on the estate of Lord Lovat 16 May 1840. Her parents were William and Isabella Fraser, of Inverness Scotland. I found a valuation record showing that a William was a tenant farmer in Tomvoit, Boleskine. Ann emigrated to Australia about 1861. Is there any information about how I would go about establishing which branch of the Fraser clan they would belong to? I see on the records there are a few Frasers in the valuation records of the estate but I can’t find any documentation as to relationships.
    Would appreciate any information, photos or hints as to where to go next.
    kind regards

  • Bob Oliver
    26/05/20 - 01:28


  • KleinTraynor
    19/07/20 - 06:27

    My husbands grandfather James Traynor was the son of Isabella Fraser. Her parents was William Fraser and Isabella Ross. And Williams parents was John Fraser and Isabel Douglas. [email protected]

  • Pam Frazer Fields
    21/07/20 - 22:08

    My family on my father’s side are Frazers. It appears that this spelling is not the original, and I would like to know if it would have likely been changed upon their immigration to New York, or if it would have been changed before that. Thanks.

  • Donna Lair
    10/08/20 - 03:56

    My Grandfather James Fraser was born in Pollokshaws. I have never been able to find out what Clan he would have belonged to. Any help or research papers would be appreciated.

  • Dawn Frazer
    15/08/20 - 07:09

    Seems there are a lot of similar names but here is my Frazer history if it helps anyone and it is my hope that somehow earlier information can be added like who were Williams Fraser’s parents? His name must have turned to Frazer when he landed in Pennsylvania America.

    William Frazer born around 1749 Invernesshire, Scotland married Anne and at the age of 26 they sailed to America on the ship Clementina that landed in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania on July 13, 1775. Once in Pennslylvania they gave birth to a son and they also named him William Frazer.around 1784 in Washington County, Pennsylvania. Both William and Anne died in 1797 leaving their son William orphaned. The Orphan court document shows their young William Frazer was then raised by a Scotsman David Bruce of Smith township, Washington County, Pennsylvania.

    Our next record of young William Frazer is found on March 26, 1806 when he makes an agreement with Alexander and Mary Wier to marry their daughter Rebecca Wier of Campbell County. They had a daughter named Katy but she never married. It is assumed Wife Rebecca passed away sometime before 1827.

    William Frazer II married again on February 12, 1835 to Mary Ann Bird-whistle and they had several children Jane 1829, Samuel 1830, my ancestor William Ralph born 1831, then Martha 1837 and Leslie 1839.

    William Frazer II and Mary Ann eventually bought a farm near Latonia Springs south of what is now Covington, Keaton County, Kentucky. And can be found in the 1850 and 1860 census, but we have not found records of their death before the 1870 census was taken.

    Their son William Ralph Frazer married Charlotte Lawrence in 1854 and they moved to Brown County Indiana. William Ralph died on January 12, 1908 and his wife died on November 14, 1914. They both are buried in the New Bellsville cemetery in Brown County Indiana. They had children but I don’t have all the names in front of me at the moment. One of their sons was William Wallace Frazer.

    William Wallace Frazer was born on April 19, 1861 in Kenton County, Kentucky. He married Evaline Cooper in April 1883 in Nashville, Indiana Brown County where they lived for over 57 years. Both died in their log cabin in Brown County Indiana.

    One of their sons was my great grandfather William Walter Frazer who was born August 2nd 1899 in Nashille, Indiana Brown County where he married Thelma Opal Williams on December 2, 1921 and they lived happily until her death on November 13, 1954. They had 4 boys including my wonderful grandfather Lowell Keith Frazer who was born on May 15, 1925 in Nashville, Indiana Brown County.
    William Walter Frazer died August 3rd 1973 in Columbus, Indiana.

    My Grandpa Lowell Keith Frazer married a beautiful young lady Carolyn Lucille Williams of Monroe, Louissiana on March 23, 1945 in Tampa, Florida before he went off to WW2. When Lowell Keith Frazer returned they gave birth to my dad Ronald Keith Frazer born December 12, 1948. And then they had John Douglas, Allen Scott and Brenda Sue.

    Ronald Keith Frazer married my mother Susan Jane Brinkley on Christmas Eve in 1967 and they gave birth to me Dawn Marie Frazer born March 6, 1969 in Indianapolis, Indiana. We moved to Arizona when I was very young. After high school I moved to Texas.

    Then I, Dawn Frazer married Curtis Marshall in Fort Worth, Texas and we gave birth to my firstborn son Keith on September 26, 2000 and then my second son Cody on August 23, 2004. Both my boys were born in Dallas, Texas.

    Sorry if I wrote too much… Proud to be a Fraser

  • Joyce Pena
    17/08/20 - 07:28

    My Grandfather was Robert Alexander Fraser Born in Guyana. His son my Father was Steven Zatone Fraser.

  • Jeannine Romer
    10/09/20 - 20:51

    I have to look at my mom’s geniology. But I know that one of my great grandmothers was a Fraser, but she spelled it Frasier.

  • Amber Wood
    01/11/20 - 10:05

    For everyone who is an ancestral Fraser, My daughter is your cousin we are in Canada. She has a small plot
    Lady Ashton Fraser

  • Neva
    18/11/20 - 21:35

    either my great grandma or my great great grandma was a Fraser spelt Frasier. I live in Scotland and I was wondering how I could find if I was a lovat or a Philforth

  • Amy Carter
    20/11/20 - 02:19

    My mother was born Fraser. We always wanted to know if we were highland or lowland Fraser. My sister did dna testing which showed specific areas we of our lineage. It became very clear we are Fraser of Lovet.

  • Bruce Alexander Frazier
    30/11/20 - 19:18

    Just found this after some digging after a lady turned me on to he Fraser Clan. My great grandfather was Robert F. Frazier and from and earlier census shows the family lived in Augusta Ga. Believe this was 1940. My grandfather was Stanley Alexander Frazier and was born in 1927 in Savanah GA.

  • John M. Frazier
    30/12/20 - 04:17

    just started this journey,,my immediate family is central ohio, Paul Frazier was my paternal grandfather who served in europe under gen. patton,, suppose i just wanted to say hello!

  • Sheila S Christian
    07/01/21 - 20:17

    Ok what i am trying to figure out is rhis the original fraser clan came from highland part and the split Correct? So if this is true does it really matter with what motto to use? I’m asking because I’m trying to figure out which motto to use. Is it it my hope is in god (lowland) or the highland motto. CONFUSED

  • Alexander Scot Fraser
    26/01/21 - 17:50

    Aye, the old days involved a heap of a mocket existence! I must say, all my hope is in God, but if I must fight Je Suis Prest! Never give up, your name depends on it.

  • Sheila S Christian
    05/02/21 - 14:10

    ok everyone here is my confusion if all Frasers came from one clan but now there are 2 Highland and lowland Clans who do you pick? my Fraser ancestor married a Snadan in Alloh Clackmannshire in the Late 1700s which Motto to I pick?

  • Charlotte Frazer Farley
    09/02/21 - 23:40

    Proud to be a Frazer woman!

  • Sandra Lovett Heaphy
    20/02/21 - 00:31

    I am curious about the surname Lovett…it appears it was derived from many different spellings Lovat is one…Could i be part of these clans such as the Frasers?

  • Eric Frazier
    22/02/21 - 07:17

    just got the dna results back from on my parents, looks like my pop is 38% Scottish. that explains why i’ve always had the desire to wear a kilt.

  • Nicole Freasier
    21/03/21 - 05:36

    I find this so interesting somewhere along the way maybe 1850ish the spelling our how we spell Freasier came to be. I am from south Texas, my family has lived in Texas from about early 1800 and before were in South Carolina. Just wanting to say hello to fellow my Freasier however we spell it.

  • Shawn C
    05/04/21 - 06:34

    I come from the Frazee’s which looks like is part of the Fraser Clan. I can’t go back far enough to determine where my line goes. I do have a Joseph that may have come to America from Aberdeenshire (?), but can’t find info on him or further back. Any suggestions as where to look?

  • Sharon Love
    26/04/21 - 17:06

    My sisters name is Mary Fraser Love ( now deceased) she was named after my Aunt Mary Fraser Davren and Mary Fraser goes back to 1700 my daughter discovered on ancestry site. We have had many Mary Fraser’s and proud of our Fraser Clan. My sister and Grandparents where born I Glasgow. I was born in Canada and proudly hang on to my Scottish heritage and being a member of clan Fraser

  • Sabrina Ricks
    16/09/21 - 22:13

    I’ve been able to trace lineage on my mother’s side to the Frasers du Lovat. I want to know so much more. Is anyone here a descendent of Captain John “Hellfire Jack” Rogers who married several Cherokee women at the end of the American Revolution. He’d been a Scotch merchant before fighting for the Lories in the war.

  • Jera Sowilo
    22/10/21 - 17:49

    Hello my ancestor appears to be John Fraser (later renamed Jean-Baptiste Fraser (nicknamed Gros Jean).
    He was a soldier from the 78th Fraser Highlanders that took part in the 7 years’ wars in Canada.
    He was probably part of the Lovat Clan under Colonel Simon Lovat (son of the Fox).
    At the end of the war he married a French Quebecoise and settled in Kamouraska Quebec.
    He was apparently born in Kirkhill Inverness around 1730.
    His parents were William Fraser and Jeanne Saphran probably from Kirkhill but I have no information beside that.
    Anybody knows more about his parents in Inverness?

  • Lynn Fraser Gerdes
    06/11/21 - 02:12

    To Shawn C: I am the 4th great granddaughter of Jeremiah Collin ( or Collins) Fraser (or Frazer or possibly Frazee) who was born 20 Jan 1763 in Scotch Plains, NJ and who died 16 Aug 1847 in Oswego, NY.
    I have been trying to find the names of Jeremiah’s parents but without success. I even paid a lot of money to to find the identity of his parents, but they could not.
    Ancestry suggested that jeremiah’s surname was Frazee because there were Frazees living at that time in Scotch Plains. I did some looking into the situation and found that Joseph Ephraim Frazee (b. 1635, Scotland – d. 1713, probably New Jersey) was from the Aberdeenshire area and may have arrived at Perth Amboy, NJ from Scotland. His father was Samuel Maxwell Frazee (1610-1695). There is uncertainty as to the parenthood of Samuel, with some sources saying that he was the son of Simon Fraser (1570-1633) 6th Lord Lovat, or possibly Sir Alexander Fraser of Philorth. The name Frazee was the result of a later name change from Frazer. The family apparently spelled the name differently at different times until they settled on the spelling Frazee.

  • Nancy A Walker
    10/11/21 - 22:18

    My maternal great grandmother was Emmaline Fraser Shaff (1857-1935). Her immediate family lived in South Dakota. I am 50% Scottish…a fact I never knew because my father was adopted at birth in 1911 in a closed adoption. He searched for years and never found his heritage. He was once told by a family member that his parents were Irish immigrants…well, that’s probably partially true, I realize now, because I have learned some of my ancestors left Scotland for Ireland in the mid-1700s. Hmmm…Scottish by birth, Irish by choice. It’s what I tell folks, I’m Minnesotan by birth and Texan by choice. Thanks to and a DNA test, I have been able to trace my Fraser heritage back to 1679 and the birth of John Grant, ninth Laird of Freuchie (Clan Grant is another powerful Highland clan), whose daughter, Lady Margaret Grant, married John Fraser (1717-?) in 1737 in Inverness, Scotland. I have done a lot of research and it has been impossible to find a death date or location for John Fraser. This fact and the way the dates line up, I believe it is very possible he was killed at the Battle of Culloden Moor in 1746. John and Margaret had one son, William (1738-1820). I am still trying to flesh-out the lives of my Fraser ancestors. But now I know why I love bagpipes, pipes and drums marching bands, Appalachian and Blue Grass music, and so many other weird…umm, I mean unique things. The research is TIME-consuming and you can go down a lot of rabbit holes, but it has been so rewarding. Knowing that most of my Scottish-ness probably comes from my dad’s side of the family makes me feel like maybe I’m finding some of the roots he never could. And being able to trace my heritage back so far to real people who lived real lives gives me a sense of truly belonging to something greater. So here I am, seven generations later and find myself saying, I am a proud Highland Fraser!

  • Nancy JoAnne Frazer
    27/11/21 - 23:55

    Looking for the Clan Frazer for William Frazer and his wife who immigrated in the mid 1700’s from Scottland to Pennyslvania. We have found a William Frazer’s burial ground in Hershey , PA. he and his wife had a 20 year old daughter, Nancy Frazer, which is my name aslo, whose grave was near theirs along with another daughter, Hadassah.
    But he may have been the son of William Frazer who came from Scottland. In Hershey, PA the gravesite plaque said that father , William Frazer, and son William Frazer served in Revolutionary war. We also found a relative Andrew Frazer who we have not determinded his Father’s name in Shipensburg, PA. Any information would be appreciated.

  • Justine Fraser
    30/11/21 - 20:19

    Hi family,

    I knew I was a Fraser when my first thought was “that’s not my family crest. It’s Je Suis Prest.”

    The Frasers in Canada recently lost Loreen Fraser, married to my grandfather Edward Fraser, whose sons have portraits up on display in Fraser Castle in Scotland. We have done all the things and have found out we are decedent’s of Simon Fraser. Our family migrated here and after marrying a Cree women, we thrived here. The Frasers in Canada have and will continue to fight for indigenous rights, as that fighting spirit enables us too. I am so proud to say I’m a Fraser, I’m a journalist, and I got my ambition from them. That feisty Fraser spirit continues to prevail.

    We are located in Toronto.

    Justine Fraser

  • Robert c Frazier
    07/12/21 - 04:04

    Decesendants of the Fraser’s played important roles in the New Worlds as well. John Gilbert Fraser (my 5x Great Grandfather) opened a trading post in PA and was a scout for George Washington in the French Indiana war. Frasers also fought on bothsides in the Revolutionary War as well as serving in the 4th Michigan Voluntary Regiment. More recently decendents served in World War II, Vietanm and War in Afganistan.

  • Maria Alejandra Ceballos Fraser
    07/12/21 - 17:20

    How amazing everyone here has the same GOAL to find out more about the FRASER Clan. I have been to most of the cemeteries in Inverness area and so many names repeat over and over. My great-grandparents (Margaret McKenzie & Colin Fraser Sinclair) and great granduncle/aunt (Alexander Fraser Sinclair & Mary Dorward) immigrated to Southern Chile in the late 1880s, and eventually settled in Northern Chile where my grandfather (Daniel Fraser McKenzie), my mother (Ketty Fraser Gonzalez) and later I was born in 1970. With technology and DNA, maybe someday we will all be able to easily connect with each other and our ancestors in Scotland. I ask myself how they must feel about all of us so eager to connect?!

  • edward mason
    08/12/21 - 09:39

    enjoyed reading about the frazer clan, my 3 times grand father james frazer was born in Australia but his father was james alexander frazer born in 1774 inverness,scotland

  • Georgina Reid
    05/02/22 - 06:06

    I just found out that my ancestors are of the Fraser clan and I don’t know much else but I’m absolutely and completely fascinated by this information and Jen have every intention to continue to obtain as much knowledge as I possibly can! I started to learn when I started to dabble with I found a connection to my relatives on my family tree and had requested ANY knowledge of my family. With my name being Georgina Reid and my father being George Reid, it went from there. This is totally amazing and I can’t wait to keep learning about my ancestors!

    02/03/22 - 14:24

    An important question for Robert C following his post of July 21, 2021. Robert, I am also a descendant of the same John Fraser. There is a significant amount of digitized archival information in the Western Pennsylvania Historical Society including Ohio Company papers which pertain to John. I have never come across the use of the middle name “Gilbert”.
    That is very exciting as I am trying to trace his roots back to Scotland. Would you mind sharing your source of that information. With kind thanks, Jeff

  • edwin lomere
    12/03/22 - 21:08

    My paternal grandmother was a Frazier and was born in Appalachia. Her parents died when she was about 6 yr old and she was raised, not adopted, by the Campbell family in that area.

    I can’t track her further back, but I believe her ancestors came over to the US after Culloden, went through PA and southwest into the Appalachian mountains with other families from Scotland.

  • A. Frasher
    17/03/22 - 02:47


    My last name is Frasher and I been during research on my father’s surname for years. I have seen the surname be spelt in different ways but is pounced the same. My grandfather’s name was Carol Frasher born in OK in the 1934, his father Dennis Frasher and I believe Dennis Frasher’s father name was Robert P Frasher. I have ran into a roadblock on connecting Robert P Frasher to a father descendant. Maybe a William? I have done an Ancestry DNA and the results said 7% Scottland. I am curious if my last name Frasher and surname Fraser are linked in some way.

  • Pamela Maclennan
    30/04/22 - 19:43

    This is fascinating to find so many Fraser descendants
    I am a Fraser on my Mother’s side and was born and raised in Inverness
    My Grandfather was William Profeit Fraser and his father was Archibald Dick Fraser and his father was John Fraser
    I have already found ancestral connections in Canada and I’m truly amazed how far the Fraser Clan travelled

  • Tan Smith
    16/05/22 - 05:23

    My 2nd great grandmother was Christina Fraser. She died in the Goulburn district in NSW of Diptheria when her children were quite young. Her parents were John Frazer/Fraser and Ann McGlashan. John was born in Kircaldy, Fife in about 1808 or 1809, I believe to David Fraser (1775 of Prestonpans) and Margaret Pettigrew. John was a farmworker who married Ann McGlashan in Longforgan (Perthshire) on May 9 1831. Ann was born at Blair Atholl, around about 1806. They lived there until migrating to Australia on board John Barry in 1837. I thought Ann’s parents were Elizabeth Kerr and Alexander Macglashan from Runmore near Blair Atholl, but there is some conjecture about that. If anyone out there could add to the story of Ann’s or John’s parents I’d be grateful to hear what you have to tell me.

  • Linda Frazier Criscione
    21/05/22 - 00:32

    I’m Linda Darlene Frazier. I live in Kansas City Mo.I’m 65. My grandfather is/was Patrick Morgan Frazier. My great grandfather is James Baine Frazier. Fort Payne Alabama. I’ve misplaced my information from here on. I believe my Great great grandfather was Patrick Morgan Frazier. ( my grandfather was named after him. The other great is James Fraser or Frazier who came from Scotland to the Carolina’s then Settled in Alabama. I’m wanting more information and if I’m related to anyone. My niece Angelique Frazier Briscoe is looking. She lives in Texas. My dad is/was Lester Lee Frazier aka Jack. Who also lived in Kansas City Mo. He was born in Winona Missouri. My brother is David Lee Frazier.

  • Linda Frazier Criscione
    24/05/22 - 17:03

    My grandfather was Patrick Morgan Frazier born in the 1890’s. My dad is Lester Lee (Jack) Frazier. My great grandfather was James Baine Frazier. From Fort Payne Alabama. My great great grandfather was Patrick Morgan Frazier. From here I think I’m missing a couple of greats. But I do know one of my greats James Fraser came to the Carolinas from Scotland. I would like more info and see if I have any relatives I don’t know about. My dad was born in Wynona Mo. later moved to Kansas City Mo. my dads 3 sisters are Allidean, Evelyn, Doris. I live in Kansas City Mo. thanks

  • Cara Andriunas
    28/06/22 - 12:31

    I’m looking into my family tree – my Great grandfather was born in Scotland (around Glasgow I believe) he emigrated to Durban South Africa where he lived until his passing.

    His name was James Fraser; I believe his mother may have been called Flora.

  • Barry Brooks
    26/07/22 - 21:10

    My GG grandfather was Simon Fraser born in 1801 in scotland brought to New York in 1804 with his parents moved to Georgia at 21 married and had 5 children his wife passed in child birth he remarried and had 7 more. Would love to know exactly were in Scotland he was born.

  • Chantelle Fraser
    01/08/22 - 16:06

    I’m a Fraser, and I know by fact (or at least my great grandfather said so) that we were highland family back in the vicking days.

  • Anthony Riley
    03/08/22 - 02:41

    John fraser from wigtownshire Scotland came to Charleston sc around 1700 trying to find his parents . Alexander fraser has letters from his cousin james cowand from wigtownshire. Alexander is John’s son so John must had a sister married a cowand .and also would like to know which clan we came from

  • Lance Fraser
    09/11/22 - 09:08

    Our grandparents migrated to Australia in the late 20’s, Jock(John) and Thomasina(nee Redford) Fraser from Blyth, Scotland. Jocks sister Edith also emigrated as well, settling in the Bega Valley and marrying in to the Woseen’s a prominent dairying family of German heritage in the area.
    I was told as a youngster, we were a coastal (Blyth) seafaring part of the Clan, and that the families fell on hard times when the sailing vessels (3 I believe) owned, captained and crewed mostly by Fraser’s all went to the bottom during a bad storm when approaching the Gulf of Mexico, taking freight in to the Mississippi sometime in the 1800’s. A sad but interesting part of the story involves a lost common seal, proving ownership of the vessel’s, resulted in not being able to claim any insurance, leading to some hardship and eventually years later, some of the family members migrating to Australia and to Canada, keeping a strong connection to the sea and shipping.
    I am the first Fraser of my line (in living memory), that has never gone to sea, that said, it is a touch ironic that I live in the desert and work in underground mines in Western Australia, but I love the sea and have a natural ability with sail boats.
    This is our story, another portion of what is a fascinating history of the Fraser’s.
    So proud of our heritage. “We are ready”

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