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Clan MacGregor: The History of the Tartan, Crest & Myths

Written by: Stewart Borland
Published: 19th June 2015, last updated: 23rd September 2021

MacGregor Name: Origin & Survival

The MacGregor story is one of dogged survival and endurance in appalling conditions. History calls them the Children of the Mist. For nearly two centuries Clan MacGregor was a victim of Proscription. This meant that male MacGregors could not use their surname, own property or even, in the worst times, possess a knife. They were legally hunted down and tortured or beheaded, often by Campbells. Despite such catastrophic fortune, the MacGregor name survived, and today they flourish.

Thanks to the outlaw, Rob Roy MacGregor, who captured the public imagination, MacGregors would remain ‘MacGregors despite them.’

The word clan is a derivative of the Gaelic word for children. But to be a member of a clan didn’t automatically mean you were related to the chief. Those who worked for the clan would take the surname, and those who needed protection would pledge themselves to the chief and accept the clan name as their own. But they were united equally, living and sometimes dying in service to their clan. Nowadays, under Scots law, anyone who shares the clan surname is automatically considered part of that clan.

Macgregor Tartan

In order: MacGregor Red and Green, MacGregor Red and Black, MacGregor of Cardney, MacGregor of Glengyle and MacGregor Green. Photo by Celtus / CC BY-SA 3.0

There are a large variety of tartans associated with the MacGregor, but only the five tartans depicted above are recognized as Clan MacGregor tartans by the current clan chief. The most common are the MacGregor Red and Green, dating from approximately 1810, and the MacGregor Red and Black, also known as the Rob Roy MacGregor and probably being the oldest MacGregor Tartan despite a relatively late adoption by the clan.

McGregor Family Crest & History

Clan Gregor, also known as MacGregor, is one of the oldest clans in Scotland. They are said to be descended from Kenneth MacAlpin, the king who united Scotland back in the 13th Century. It was the MacGregor Clan who laid claim to ruling status. The old MacGregor motto is “Royal is my race.”

But the inexorable rise of Clan Campbell is an often told tale, and it was they who by the 14th century were beginning to overtake the fortunes of the MacGregors. The MacGregors and The Campbells, not surprisingly, became enemies.

Photo by Celtus / CC BY-SA 3.0

Scottish Clan Feuds: MacGregors and Campbells

The trouble seems to have started when Robert the Bruce gave the Barony of Loch Awe (in MacGregor territory) to his loyal supporter, Neil Campbell. Despite clan territorial considerations, the king’s feudal power allowed him to take back lands and give them to whom he pleased.

The Campbells moved in and harassed the MacGregors in their neighbourhood, and forced them out of the lands around Loch Awe, back into their remaining territory. Clan MacGregor had previously controlled the areas of Glenorchy, Glenlochy and Glenstrae in Argyll and Perthshire; now they only had Glenstrae. Meanwhile, the Campbells established themselves at Loch Awe from 1308 and rose to become powerful landowners, opportunistically buying up land, and many of the poorer MacGregors became their tenants.

Kilchurn Castle reflected on Loch Awe. Photo by Andrewmckie / CC BY-SA 4.0

Scotland Clan Map: MacGregor Territories

The Campbells of Glenorchy eventually purchased Glenstrae as well, then refused to have two successive MacGregor chiefs as their tenants. They tried, by fair means or foul, to wean other MacGregors away from their allegiance to their clan in favour of Clan Campbell.

In the 16th Century, a feud between a MacGregor and a Campbell erupted into a fierce war, when Grey Colin Campbell murdered the brother of Gregor Roy. The MacGregors declared war on the Campbells visiting upon the Central Highlands eight years of attacks, recriminations and blood feuds. Things had got severely out of hand.

As the Campbells were favourites of the king, the MacGregors often found themselves on the losing end of any disputes. With loss of fortunes, they had to resort to cattle rustling, which was not an uncommon practice. The king’s forester, John Drummond had caught some MacGregors poaching on the king’s land, and had them all hanged. Drummond was murdered in 1590 by way of retaliation. This was brought to the attention of King James I (VI of Scotland), but though the Macgregor chief was held responsible, the king pardoned him.

Lanrick Castle, official clan seat of the MacGregors until the 1830s. Photo by Natasa / CC BY-SA 2.0

The Banning of the MacGregor Name

If only the MacGregors had been so lenient in the affair that happened next. Back in 1592, a MacGregor arrow had accidentally killed a member of Clan Colquhoun (pronounced ‘ca-hoon’) during a cattle raid. The lands of Clan Colquhoun were particularly vulnerable to MacGregor raids. This incident had not been forgotten and in 1602, when two travelling MacGregors sought the famous Highland Hospitality from Clan Colquhoun they were refused. The two men took shelter in a remote barn and slaughtered a sheep to eat. They were found, by the Colquhouns, and executed.

Alisdair MacGregor, then clan chief, was urged by the Campbell Earl of Argyll to seek revenge. So with their allies from Clan MacFarlane, the MacGregors marched out to face Clan Colquhoun in the infamous Battle of Glen Fruin. But the wily Earl had his own agenda, because he knew that Clan Colquhoun had received a royal commission to subdue the MacGregors. Despite Clan Colquhoun having twice the number of armed men, the MacGregors’ superior military tactics won the day. The battle turned into a bloodbath which brought shame to the MacGregors.

When King James heard of their actions he proscribed, or banned, the MacGregor name. The Laird of MacGregor was executed along with many of his followers, and the MacGregor name was forbidden in law. This was the final victory for the Campbells and there followed years of hideous torture. To be a MacGregor now became a death sentence.

The stories say the Campbells bred fierce bloodhounds to hunt MacGregors down, which were suckled on the milk of MacGregor women to better sniff out their prey. And at the Campbell stronghold of Finlarig Castle on the banks of Loch Tay, ‘Black’ Duncan Campbell of Glenorchy had a pit, where MacGregors were beheaded for the entertainment of dinner guests. There is indeed a stone-lined pit near the north wall of the now ruined castle.

Ruins of Finlarig Castle and Mausoleum.

Finlarig Castle, a Campbell stronghold in old MacGregor lands. Photo by Diana Grelka / CC BY-SA 3.0 DE

The Robin Hood of the Highlands: Rob Roy

Into this terrible legacy, a man was born in 1671 who was destined to become a legend. Robert (the Red) MacGregor, like all MacGregor males, had to assume a pseudonym to escape persecution. He took his mother’s maiden name, Campbell. As the son of a Laird, Rob Roy was well educated in reading, writing and swordsmanship. Legend says he spoke both Gaelic and English.

With his father and many highland clansmen, he fought alongside the Jacobites at the age of eighteen, in the rising that resisted the exile of James II, the dethroned Stuart King.

As a man, Rob Roy lived on land around Loch Lomond and supported his meagre living there by cattle rustling and offering protection to neighbouring farmers. As he was sometimes the one doing the rustling his protection was highly effective! He became a particular thorn in the side of the Duke of Montrose. Rob Roy’s land lay between the rival houses of Argyll (Campbell) and Montrose (Graham).

The story goes that Rob Roy was becoming a successful cattle trader. He borrowed a thousand pounds, a substantial sum, from the Duke of Montrose to finance a deal. But one of his own employees ‘mislaid’ the money. Though Rob Roy offered to pay at least some of the money back, the Duke declared him a thief and had him bankrupted. Rob escaped his imprisonment and fled into the north as an outlaw, where he mustered a loyal following.  Meanwhile, his wife and children were thrown out of their home by the Duke’s men.

It is said that Mary Helen MacGregor, Rob’s wife, was raped by the Duke’s men.  Rob Roy was given some land by Montrose’s enemy, Earl Breadlabane, and managed to return with his family to a life of protectionism and raiding – mainly aimed at the lands belonging to the Duke of Montrose. He was captured several times, but each time managed to escape. One time it was the prison guards themselves who let him go.

Rob Roy MacGregor Statue

Close-up view of Rob Roy MacGregor’s statue. Photo by Alasdair McNeill / CC BY-SA 2.0

A remarkable fighter, and a charismatic individual, Rob Roy also gained a reputation as a Robin Hood figure, robbing from Montrose or else rich Campbells and giving the spoils to the poor. It was so hard to catch him that even Montrose eventually gave up. Had the MacGregors not been living under Proscription Rob Roy would have been a much higher achiever. As it was he led an uncompromising life as an outlaw.

He ended his life a free man living on his own terms, which was quite a feat for a MacGregor in those days. Some maintain that Daniel Defoe, visiting Scotland in 1723, heard about him and was inspired to write The Highland Rogue, a highly romanticised pamphlet about Rob Roy’s exploits.  Whether the pamphlet is actually by Defoe is debatable.

What is certain is that the writer, Sir Walter Scott, then took up the story in a novel entitled Rob Roy (1817). It was this novel which catapulted a much-loved folk hero into wider fame. Robert Louis Stevenson declared it one of his favourite books and it inspired the 1995 Hollywood movie of the same name starring Liam Neeson.

Despite many attempts to curtail his freedom, Rob Roy MacGregor died peacefully in his own bed. He was buried in 1735 at Balquhidder, where later his wife and two of his sons were interred. The headstone, which says ‘MacGregor Despite Them’ was actually a later addition from 1920.

Grave of Rob Roy MacGregor. Photo by Joe / CC BY-SA 2.0

READ MORE: The Ultimate Rob Roy MacGregor Guide

Clan MacGregor Descendants

The story of Rob Roy celebrates what it means to be a MacGregor: to rage against state oppression and come up smelling of roses! In 1774, the Proscription was repealed. Today, Clan MacGregor still has a clan chief, and a strong heritage with descendants all over the world.

Because of the Proscription Gregors and MacGregors took on new surnames, with many families keeping these adopted aliases. So the MacGregor clan welcomes those with other Scottish surnames to the MacGregor family names. Is your surname a descendant of Gregor? If so, welcome to Clan MacGregor!

A Famous MacGregor

Born in 1971 in Crieff, Perthshire, Scotland, Ewan MacGregor is undoubtedly one of the most famous MacGregor these days. The Golden Globe winner is internationally known for his roles in critically-acclaimed films, such as Trainspotting, Star Wars, and Moulin Rouge.

In 2013, he was appointed an Officer of the Order of the British Empire for his services to drama and charity.

Ewan McGregor in Cannes, 2012. Photo by Georges Biard/ CC BY-SA 3.0

MacGregors with Highland Titles

As of October 2018, there are over 165 plots in the Highland Titles Land Register under the MacGregor name.

Accessorise like a true MacGregor

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Highland Titles: A Very Modern Clan

Alike historical clans, our community also share the investment and attachment to the land, our Nature Reserves, and we even have our own tartan and crest. Join the clan by purchasing a plot of land and continue our mission to conserve Scotland, one square foot at a time™!

About the author

Written by: Stewart Borland

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  • ision
    18/02/16 - 19:04


  • Flora Dell Olinger
    21/02/16 - 23:33

    My great great grandfather was Dugald MacGregor, his father was Gregor MacGregor. Flora Ann MacGregor, Hensley was my great grandmother. I was told their story all my life. I have always been very interested in details about them. Thank you so much for this story about them. I am planning a trip to Scotland in August to try to find more information about them. I want to see the place where they lived. I know the Castle is gone but at least see the area where they were. I am now 80 years old. This is my first chance to see their land.

  • beth: grierson-reed
    01/07/16 - 12:49

    Greetings to all our clan descendants. The fact that we are still here speaks of our spirit.

  • Martin Ian McGregor
    12/09/16 - 03:39

    I am a direct descendant of Duncan Ladasach, the MacGregor chieftain who, more than anyone, pursued the deadly feud with the Campbells, especially Grey Colin. It has been a bit of a shock to my children to find they are descended from him. It was the immediate family, followers and descendants who were known as the ‘Children of the Mist’ – not the whole of Clan Gregor.

  • Shirley Jane MacGregor
    11/11/16 - 04:21

    I am interested in what estates belonged to the “landless Mac Gregors”?

    I visited the Campbell castle there as tourist.
    The Duke days many titles.

    S. MacGregor

  • S. Dean
    05/03/17 - 11:49

    As far as my research goes I am a direct descendent of Kenneth Alpin who United scotland and was the beginning of clan mcgregor. I hope to some day roam our ancestral lands to see where I come from.

  • Diego Armenta
    20/03/17 - 18:58

    I’m a McGregor,my family fled to Ireland during the banned of the surname McGregor and change their name to macgrew

  • Janet MacGregor
    30/04/17 - 04:27

    Thank you for this! Royal is our race!

  • Chris
    13/05/17 - 20:14

    First off great article. As a member of Clan Gregor this was a great work. I am history educated and and am well versed on Gregor clan history primarily through our strong oral tradition. the patriarch of Prince Gregor does not belong to the 13 century and Scotland was centuries old by then and well into the wars of independence against England. The Royal house of Siol Alpin dates to the 800s and Prince Gregor of the mid 800s. the House of Siol Alpin has seven royal clans of which six descend from Gregor. The symbol shared is all seven royal clans is the same plant badge of the Scotch Pine. The first documented chief in writing is Gregor of the golden bridles from the 13 century. Maybe that’s where your error came about. Siol Alpin were a sub kingdom of Ireland called Dal Riada who united with the Picts through marriage to fend of the Vikings. King Alpin lost his head for treason to the Irish high king for marrying Irish. His sacrifice united a country and Prince Gregor is the product of a unified nation.

  • Ian D. McGregor
    09/06/17 - 13:33

    I am a proud McGregor. My Great Grandfather embarked to Australia from Oban around 1840. His family held land in the Highlands, but were dispossessed after the battle of Culloden so I believed. What I believe was known as the Highland clearances.
    Someone might enlighten me on the difference in spelling. I am given to understand that the shortened McGregor is the Protestant spelling and MacGregor is the Catholic spelling. Yes or no

  • Denice wYATT
    13/06/17 - 02:20

    Have been trying to find tree relating from Rob Roy MacGregor going to Scotland August 2017 and information would be helpful.

    • Peter Bevis
      15/06/17 - 10:48

      If you would care be be a little more specific with regard to the information you are seeking I will try to help

    • Peter Bevis
      20/06/17 - 11:06

      I can help you there! My wife is a McGregor. Robert had two brothers, John and Duncan. Couple of sisters too, Sarah and Margaret.

  • Marion Black
    17/06/17 - 23:25

    I would like to know the names of Rob Roys brothers as I am tracing my family tree and I am getting conflicting information.

  • Pat Nuku
    21/07/17 - 22:19

    Rob’s oldest brother John, also known as Iain, is in my family tree. My mother was born a Taylor and her mother was a McGregor, the daughter of Teone McGregor. Teone McGregor was the son of Jock McGregor and Hinekawa. Jock (John) McGregor was the son of John McGregor who was the son of Daniel and Janet McGregor. Iain or John was Janets Father. So there are a few generations of Maori in New Zealand who whakapapa back to Rob’s older brother John.

  • Ann Marie Heuser-Barnes (mother maiden name McGregor)
    01/09/17 - 04:41

    My grandfather Thomas Mcgregor arrived in Toronto, Canada right after the second world war.
    His daughter, Sandra, my mother moved to Grey County close to a hamlet named Rob Roy.
    Is it coincidence or fate?
    A wonderful history of clan MacGregor! Thank you.

  • Carol Newsome
    02/09/17 - 11:38

    Ann Marie, I am just learning of my history. I also, am a McGregor and am from Toronto, Canada. My grandmother was Annie Anderson and married a Harvie. I’m looking forward to going to Canada and talk to a second cousin who has a pretty detailed family tree. His daughter Heather is now keeping it up to date. Apparently, we come from rogues. Cool huh!!

  • Ann Gordon
    18/09/17 - 06:52

    to: Ian D. McGregor
    09/06/17 – 13:33

    Ian, please get in touch with me, I believe we are related. My GGGfather came to Australia, NSW. I am doing a research project on the family and would like to compare notes!!

    Ann Gordon
    [email protected] (note the 2xg)

  • Marianne Mac Gregor
    07/10/17 - 22:19

    I was born Marianne Mac Gregor in 1950
    It is fun to see all the information about Scotland. I hope to visit sometime….

  • Christine Kulper
    10/10/17 - 21:51

    To Ann Gordon and Ian McGregor,

    I have just visited Scotland doing a bus tour. We visited Loch Lomond for boat trip and saw the land owned by the McGregors and a McGregor still lives there his name is Fergus McGregor.

    My Ggggrandmother was a Elizabeth McGregor married to John Hutton Whyte immigrated to Australia in the 1800 and settled ina town near Hay NSW.

    I am happy to share my information with you.


  • Kirk Greer
    18/10/17 - 16:03

    Doing research and have been able to track my 4th great grandfather John Greer back to Montrose, Angus, Scottland. Now working on filling in with hard evidence. (Paper trail)

  • Shelly Gregg
    25/10/17 - 03:11

    I am in Alabama and a descendant of the Macgregor Clan. It is really exciting to be able to trace my family history all the way back to Scotland. Thank you for this article. It was very helpful! My next step is to go to Scotland!

  • Meghan White
    29/10/17 - 12:00

    My great great great great….. grandfather is Rob Roy Macgregor. So I’m a direct descendant of him

  • Sarah brown setta
    28/11/17 - 00:39

    Well…i wish i could lay any coolness claims, but i only have family stories that could easily be wishful thinking. But here i am a Brown on my fathers side and McCoullough on my mothers. Sarcasm and dreamy eyed wants are all I have. Hooray for hundreds of years of stubborn pride and poor farmer lives kicked around by famine and depression.

  • A C Grant
    20/01/18 - 10:45

    The detailed story of the origins of the MacGregors – and the nature of the relationship they have with the other Siol Alpin Clans – is now told in my 2-Volume book “Scottish Clans: Legend, Logic & Evidence”. You do not descend from Kenneth MacAlpine but rather from Alpin himself – however it is through a female line. The ancestors of the chiefs were indeed royal – but that Royalty was far more Viking rather than it was Celtic. The assertion “Royal is My Race” is NOT a claim to any crown – but it is rightly a claim to royal ancestry. However it was probably necessary for Gregor of the Golden Bridles to assert this as he was not himself in the direct male line of the previous chiefs (it is hard to say just when this motto was adopted – though the original coat of arms (with a pine rather than an oak tree) was adopted c1085).

    As for the comments of Chris:

    1. Sadly I have to tell him that there was no “Prince Gregor”. The man you refer to – who was indeed an ancestor – was Grig. [The name Gregor comes from Gregory which is Greek in origin and first appeared in Scotland c1060.] He was a member of the Strathclyde Royal family, but he was also descended from Alpin on his mother’s side.

    2. He says the first “documented” chief was Gregor of the Golden Bridles. Well it depends what you mean by “documented”. He is the earliest one which every one can agree on (and he was 1300s not 13th century), but I say that the name MacGregor was adopted as a surname 100 years earlier and Amy MacGregor’s legendary pedigree is far more correct than most historians will allow (I explain this in detail in my book).

    3. The Siol Alpin was not at all what Chris says – their common male line ancestor was Olav Hemmingsson who was executed in 1098 and his name proscribed. Alpin died in battle. It was Olav who was beheaded – and not for the reason Chris claims.

    4. Chris is correct in saying that Alpin, Kenneth and Grig belong to the 800s – not the 13th Century you suggest yourself.

    The MacGregor origins are fascinating indeed and I do hope you will find an opportunity to read my book.

  • Michael Gregory Masniuk
    21/01/18 - 20:46

    My great great great great great grandmother was Ann Sempill Macgregor Rob Roys great niece and her brother was Gregor MacGregor 1786 till 1845 .Im very proud of the fact .

  • Duncan
    15/02/18 - 15:39

    More info about the Macgregors:
    After the name was banned the split up into their own clans: The Blacks (me), The Greens and a lot more

  • Nicole Roy
    21/02/18 - 01:27

    So proud to be a descendant of Rob Roy McGregor and to be able to pass down our family tree to my children and future generations.

  • stephen king
    22/02/18 - 23:50

    Barring the name king my dad and his brother traced our name back be Rob Roy.
    Looking for more about my family name

  • Donald Charles MacGregor
    13/03/18 - 23:46

    It’s always nice to no where your ancestors came from aND what there about my great grandfather was Elexander MacGregor who married Kate Darling july1884 in longside Scotland I would like to no how I would be related to ROB ROY MACGREGOR

  • Jonathon McGregor
    17/03/18 - 12:16

    Very informative, I have been doing a ton of research on the surname and family tree and life they led, and it boils my blood to know that we had no choice but to either flee or take upon another name. I am glad my family maintained the name. Thank you for this article.

  • George M MacGregor
    03/04/18 - 05:30

    I am a true MacGregor and My ancestors goes way back to Rob Roy’s time………

  • Scott Brian Gregor
    03/04/18 - 12:48

    Royal is my race Just one more?

  • Abigayle MacGregor
    14/04/18 - 14:31

    Very informative, iv been trying to research my family however i cant go past my fathers father because the guys seemed to have dropped off the face of the earth and all i know is his name. so even if i don’t have all the modern parts of my genealogy its nice to know more about the historical part.

  • James Campbell
    15/04/18 - 21:43

    My grandfather told that his grandfather ,as a child , got on the boat as a McGregor and got off the boat a Campbell. I have traced back to Tennessee and a Albert Galliton Campbell but no further back. Anyone have an idea ,what to do next

  • Stephen D. Greer II
    12/05/18 - 08:48

    Its an honor to be apart of this cite. I am a West Virginian, USA. I have traced my blood line back to Lord Malcum D. Macgregor and further. Yes, we are still here, JUST DESPITE THEM.

  • Pamela MacGregor Vasquez
    15/05/18 - 23:11

    I have always been proud of my family name. My father’s name was Malcolm Roy MacGregor. I am hoping to get more information on our ancestors, who never changed their name. All my brothers have a full Scott name, being the only girl, my mother named me.

  • Mary Black
    16/05/18 - 01:55

    I am a Black and I understand that the Blacks are a sept of Mac Gregor, MacLean and Lamont. I am trying to trace my paternal heritage and have done my DNA with I have gotten a few connections with Ayrshire Scotland and would like to know which clan is in the Aryshire area of Scotland.

  • Deborah Susan Patterson
    24/05/18 - 12:09

    My Sister Anne and I and the 9th Grandaugthers of Rob Roy Mac Gregor We live in Australia but will be visiting Scotland the first 2 weeks of December 2018. We were born there but Immigrated to Australia in the 1960’s
    Would love any leads to meet our clan, we live on a Mac Gregor is a strong soul, the Highlands have been calling us for decades ‍‍‍‍

  • William Davis
    24/05/18 - 14:49

    My great grandmother was a MacGregor and very proud to be. Her daughter, my grandmother was proud to display the coat of arms and tartan and loved to tell stories about the family

  • Nikki Nish
    13/07/18 - 10:29

    So very insteresting!
    I am also researching my family tree.
    I am a Nish, on my fathers side, which I believe is a sept of MacGregor.
    I’m struggling to find information at the moment. Have ordered the DNA test through ancestry.
    Heading to Europe for our honeymoon next March, hoping to add some Scottish places related to my heritage to the list!!

  • Ningob Anun Kwe
    23/07/18 - 22:44

    I am an Anishinabe MacGregor! Our link is Duncan MacGregor from the Wikwemikong Unceeded First Nation reserve 🙂

  • alastair mcGregor
    29/07/18 - 13:20

    One of your correspondents queried the spelling of McGregor v MacGregor on religious grounds. I have no awareness of this. Inclined to think buerocracy abbreviated the name Mcgregor. The name McGregor is pronounced MacGregor. It’s always how i’ve prounced my name. Being born in rural Perthshire I was never known amongst my peers as Mcgregor rather we were referred to as mcgreegor (gaelic pronunciation, spelling incorrect). slans

  • alastair mcGregor
    29/07/18 - 13:44

    Correction. The macgregors at culloden were never part of the atholl brigade. They fought under the duke of perth, ( drummond).

  • Lewis Gregor
    18/08/18 - 15:35

    I am the 5th generation Lewis Gregor living in Canada. My GGGrandfather immigrated from Germany around 1825. I cannot trace family tree back into Germany. Does anyone have any info of the Gregors in Germany.

  • Jenny Hall
    23/08/18 - 03:34

    Hello, my Grandmother used to often talk about our Scottish origins, she was a McIntyre, her father was born at Stuckendroin on the banks of Loch Lomond but left to start a new life in Queensland Australia. My Great-Great Grandfather was Peter McIntyre, his Grandmother was Mary MCGregor, there are McDonalds, McFarlanes, Campbells sprinkled through our tree, my Grandmother spoke of us being related to Rob Roy and I would like to find where our Mary McGregor (b1750?) fitted in, she married Duncan McDonald and had a daughter Agnes (1774-1871) who married Peter McIntyre (1771-1860), my G-G-Grandfather Peter McIntyre (1808-1882) left Stuckendroin, Loch Lomond, Scotland for Australia in 1865.
    Happy to share info and photos if anyone would like to do the same.
    I visited Loch Lomond last year and was very excited to visit Inverary Castle and see some of Rob Roy’s personal belongings there.

  • Shirley Jenkinsi have
    31/08/18 - 14:21

    I have been using the app We’re Related which sent me a possible relation. On comparing each of our lines our common ancestor was Duncan Campbell the Black Duncan. So looking down my line from Duncan Campbell it lead to my paternal grandmother I found my 8 the great grandfather was Robert Roy McGregor his son Robert to Dougal to Alexander to Catherine Flora who married a Frazer they came to Australia in 1839.. then Watkins to Florence Bennett my grandmother.
    My grandmother never said any thing about being of Scottish descent let alone Rob Roy…

  • Simon Halliburton
    03/09/18 - 15:43

    I am the direct descendant of Rob Roy McGregor through my maternal line.

  • Jessie
    04/09/18 - 20:07

    My 6th great grandfather Alexander Graeme MacGregor (used Graeme during proscription) was the nephew of Rob Roy MacGregor. His father John Graeme MacGregor was the brother of Rob Roy’s wife Mary Helen. It’s so interesting to see how big the clan is in reality!

  • Scott A Taylor
    10/09/18 - 21:34

    I have just found that I am a true descendant of the McGregor Clan through the Bloodline of Dr. James David McGregor Stratton. New information from DNA testing.

    Still looking for more info to share on this journey.


  • David King
    02/10/18 - 05:28

    I am a MacGregor. My family line changed the name to MacAra (Son of the King) at the beginning of The Proscription and Anglicized it to King two generations later. The last in my line to use the name MacGregor was Eoin dubh MacPhtrick MacGregor born 1572 killed 1612 by beheading. My family (Thomas King) came to the New World via Pennsylvania around 1715.

  • David King
    06/10/18 - 01:44

    I’m a MacGregor but the family name was changed over the course of 3 generation from MacGregor to MacAra (son of the King) and then Anglicized to King. This was due to the proscription by King James in 1603. My last ancestor named MacGregor was Eoin dubh MacPhatrick MacGregor who was executed in 1612. The King family relocated to America in 1715 via Thomas King and Jane Sharp.

  • David King
    06/10/18 - 01:45

    Oops that went in twice and the dates are wrong – Strange!

  • Gary J Nutter
    07/10/18 - 20:00

    I am a Gregg, grandfather was Harmon Luther Gregg,of Oklahoma

  • JD
    27/10/18 - 04:31

    (Note for Kirk Greer: I noticed you said you have done your tree and now are working on filling in with a paper trail. What you have done is incredibly foolish, how do know those people are your ancestors if you have not done the paper trail? Your “researched” tree is nothing without a paper trail from the start, chances are you may find some disappointment).

    I have researched my tree back step by step with no assumption on ancestors and have a plausible paper trail making me a many times great nephew of Rob Roy mac Gregor. It was a good surprise and have built a paper trail as I built my tree to support my claim.

  • Susie Greer
    11/11/18 - 09:14

    I am delighted to find this site. I had always been told that that our original name was MacGregor & that we were descended from three brothers that had come to America from Scotland in the mid 1700’s, one settled in North Carolina, one in South Carolina & one out west. I had never pursued any more information, but now am very interested in researching as far as possible. Good luck to all of us on our quest to finding our ancestors.

  • Shelly Thomas
    15/11/18 - 16:34

    I was told 2 brothers migrated to virginia or PA from Scotland in 1623… James and William McGehee. Was told they were MacGregor but changed name. Brother james Married Margaret Marshall…. I am not sure which line I am out of James or William. But I am looking for any information that might help me trace their lines.

    I have from 1740’s and up but nothing inbetween 1740’s to 1623 – other than the two brothers come over…Would love to be above to trace them before 1623…

  • Christine McGregor
    26/11/18 - 13:50

    I am a McGregor by marriage and very proud of it..I have just happened upon this site and I am fascinated by all the information. My husband is purportedly a direct descendent of Rob Roy and I would love to start our family tree

  • T. Lansa
    27/11/18 - 22:55

    As I was doing research, it led me to Mary MacGregor who married John
    Gannaway in Virgina Colony 1746. Her father was Edmund Mac Gregor 1700-1793. Seems he came to the colonies with his daughter and the mother stayed in Scotland. Research said that Edmund’s father was Rob Roy MacGregor but I have not found any articles online to confirm that. Any information out there about Rob Roy’s decendents?

  • Cynthia Rimrodt
    03/12/18 - 15:39

    Am looking to identify the parents of Juliet (Julia) MacGregor who was born on June 20, 1840 in Balmaha, Stirlingshire. She married John Primrose.

  • Robbin Groeneveld
    05/12/18 - 22:59

    Fellow childrens of the mist.My grandmother told me, I have a little MacGregor blood in me. I can feel IT in my vains. If there is any problemen going on, summon me! No wonder I never lost a fight.
    Greets Robbin.

  • Dean
    24/12/18 - 02:12

    History is so interesting and reading the information here. I recently had come into my possession a Family Bible that contains the Family names, Marriage of the Father and Mother (Alexander & Ann MacGregor). Show the date of their marriage being 2nd of January 1862.

    On the following page it lists the 8 children born to Alexander & Ann, with one notable “Rob Roy”, who was born 12th Dec 1865.

    The book also has listed, 3 of the daughters marriages and the passing of the father and 1 son of the same name.

  • Justin MacGregor
    26/12/18 - 05:31

    I did a genealogy with two different companies and both are telling me I am related to Rob Roy MacGregor and James Vi and Mary Stuart. Trying to wrap my head around this is anyone has anything simular.

  • Clayton McGregor
    31/12/18 - 14:29

    My name is Clayton McGregor. I live in New Zealand and find it interesting that the Maori tribe Tuhoe from the Urewera mountains are also referred to as children of the mist.There are many Maori McGregors and us known as Pakeha McGregors (European features) that come from this region of New Zealand.

  • Robert Quinn
    05/01/19 - 22:33

    Iam Looking For Information on My 6 generations Great Great Great Great Grandfather and Grandmother Walter Mc Gregor and Margaret McGregor (Martin) And There Daughter Mary Stevenson (McGregor)My Great Great Great Grandmother Died Mar 26 1894 Menstrie Clackmannannshire Married John Stevenson Had A Son Robert Stevenson 1843-1908

  • Frederick Ludwig Stettner Jr
    10/01/19 - 05:44

    My great-grandmother was Margarethe M McGregor. She was born in Germany and came to America in 1881. Does anyone know why McGregors were in Germany?

  • Elaine Hope
    17/01/19 - 13:34

    My 4x grt grandmother was called Margaret/Martha MacGregor who married John Spence about 1834 in Edinburgh. Her father was called Trusty MacGregor according to the parish registers does anyone know what Trusty might be short for because I can’t find anything else for him. Many thanks x

  • Russ Smith
    27/01/19 - 01:07

    I have traced my ancestry back to Anne Grier, daughter of sir James Grierson, descendant of the Grierson lords of Lag, it sounds like they are a branch of the clan Gregor, would anyone have info that ties Gilbert Grierson 1st lord of Lag back to the Gregor Clan?

  • Kathy Murphree StJohn
    31/01/19 - 21:16

    My 7th great grandmother was Rachel Alexander MacGregor. She married John Orr. They were from Renfrewshire. Does anyone have any information about any of these two families?
    Thank you!!

  • Vanessa J Rami
    19/02/19 - 21:27

    My mother is part Scottish and she tells me we come from the MacGregor clan. I’m doing an Ethnicity project in Social Studies, so I’ve chosen my mom’s side of the family and I’m focusing on our Irish and Scottish roots, but it’s kind of hard tracing the family with no names and our last name no longer being Scottish

  • Chasity MacGregor
    26/02/19 - 18:42

    Very proud to say that I am a descendant of the original MacGregor line! Our clan in the upper peninsula of Michigan celebrate our lineage every year with our very large direct family usually around 100-300 Scottish clan members come together annually to celebrate our ancestry and I honor the namesake my father gave to me! MacGregor despite them!

  • Tammera Gregory
    02/03/19 - 01:12

    I am a Gregory, we fled to Hamburg, Germany! Very proud to be from this clan☺️

  • vaughan Grigor
    02/03/19 - 04:40

    I am a Grigor my son is Leny Grigor, 9 years of age. my great great great great great grand father is Rob ROY MacGrigor

  • Shelli Milner
    26/03/19 - 23:22

    My great Grandfather 7 generations back was William Gregg who was born in Scotland and moved to America in 1680. I am planning a trip to Scotland in the summer of 2020 and cannot wait to see where my roots are! I would love to get a ring for myself and all my kids with the MacGregor crest on it! I sure hope I can find it! I would love to hear from other MacGregors around here. I will share that my great grandfather Fulton Gregg settled in Texas in a covered wagon (he use to tell us kids about it as he lived a long time) and a county in Texas was named after him. Gregg County! I think that is cool too!

  • Barbara Weaverling
    03/04/19 - 03:40

    We are descended from the MacGregors on my mother’s side. I have been tracing our ancestry to find the link. This far I have the McLeish’s (also McLish), MacPherson’s and Straughan’s (also Strawn), nailed down and continue to search for the link to Rob Roy MacGrwgor. Anyone have any data on that? Thx! BJ

  • Hayley McGregor
    12/04/19 - 02:09

    I am a McGregor from my fathers name.. His father and his fathers father were born in Dublin irleand. Im not too sure before that. But my dad always says we have royal Scottish blood in us.And the McGregors got kicked ouy of scotland and had to leave. I still have my relatives living in ireland today. We live in wirral merseyside uk. Ive not managed to trace much further back.

  • Anna
    14/04/19 - 17:22

    i am Anna MacGregor and its on my fathers side of the family my sister said a long long long long long time ago there was the queen of all the MacGregors or it was in england and she got her head chopped off and i was cleaning my room and found a book about all of are family history

  • Taylor Roberts
    16/04/19 - 23:54

    Frederick Ludwig Stettner Jr, Many from the Highland clans worked as mercenary soldiers and I have heard of accounts of the Mercenary Highlanders working in Germany. some may have stayed. That’s where I would start researching your question anyways.

  • Karen Allsop
    12/05/19 - 19:02

    My relative recently took a dna test which showed that he belonged to the Mc Gregor line but our last name is Brown but seems to disappear in our genealogy, do you know if this last name was used in the name changes from McGregor? If so any documents at all?

  • Cherisse Brewster
    20/05/19 - 20:57

    A story my dad told me made me slightly curious to look up history on our family name but other than the Brewster clan who lived in Barbados being possibly a sept from the Mc Gregor clan of Scotland I don’t really know much else.

  • Matthew Gragg
    10/07/19 - 23:42

    I was wondering what it would take to get the name Gragg added to the list of accepted names. It was changed from Gregg after the American Civil War due to twin brothers getting their pensions mixed up. The Federal government thought it easier to change one brother’s Sur name.

  • Melinda Kaufman
    22/07/19 - 13:50

    Gregg County, Texas was named after John Gregg who was a Cival War General.

  • Melinda Kaufman
    22/07/19 - 13:56

    I descended from William Gregg, ‘the immigrant ‘ who was part of William Penns Colony in Delaware. They came from Ireland after being banished in Scottland.

  • Susan Marengo
    26/07/19 - 19:11

    My grandfather Duncan Alexander MacGregor born 1905 in Kirkwall, Orkney, Immigrated as infant with parents Alexander Mellis MacGregor (born 1878 in Thurso), his father Alexander Menzies MacGregor (born 1832 Perth) His father William MacGregor ( born 1817 Perth), His father John MacGregor (born 1773 Perth) his father Donald MacGregor (born 1754 Strachur) then Gregor no more info YET! I’m trying to piece where they were before, during and after Culloden during the Clearences. Why move to Perth? Were they forced by the Clearence’s then after a time move up to Thurso????? Looking for sources.

  • Duncan McGregor
    29/07/19 - 09:12

    Although I am not much interested in family trees, I am, like many others, proud of my McGregor ancestry.

    My paternal grandparents migrated from Fife to South Africa in the early 1900’s. William was a teacher who became a headmaster and then inspector of schools. He was a tall, strong man of firm principles who inspired fond respect in everyone. He had a major influence on my life and once I nearly beat him at chess!

    Some years ago I went to Germany to collect my daughter (Fiona) at the conclusion of her language exchange and then took her on a brief tour of the UK, ending up in Scotland, where we visited many of the old castles. On the last day, a bitterly cold January morning, we arrived at Balquidder. The hills were snow-capped and Loch Voil was frozen over, with a curl of smoke from a wood fire curling into the still air. It was a spectacular, memorable and poignant finale to our trip.

    Next year, I hope to visit again with my wife.

    Greetings to all from Melbourne, Australia.

  • Gregson
    02/08/19 - 10:31

    I am a descendant if the clan macGregor but when our name was banned my family fled to Ireland and changed their name to Gregson from McGregor. I was wondering has anyone changed their name ba

  • Gregson
    02/08/19 - 10:33

    ck to McGregor

  • James Macgregor
    17/08/19 - 09:51

    My boss is a Campbell and he too is the same as any other Campbell. He knows the history and knows I dislike him.

  • Loren Cook
    18/08/19 - 07:51

    I am a direct decendent too Sarah McGregor Born 1760 who married Ducan Cameron in 1784. and who was born in 1760 in Argyll, Scotland

  • Matthew Dosmann
    30/08/19 - 17:08

    I have a family oral history that says our Eingarnter ancestors from Bavaria were MacGregors that fled the proscription. Does anyone have any information that could shed any light on this topic?

  • Bill MacGregor
    05/11/19 - 15:59

    My grandparents came to N.Y. after WW1. James And Mary McGregor grandpa was a SERGEANT in the Gordon Highlanders
    and was wounded while in France .I have pictures of him and 8 other Sergeants taken while over there plus other photos take in the hospital in France.

  • Alec
    05/11/19 - 17:36

    It would be super cool if we had a website where we could all put in the different sections of the family tree that we know of. Then we could have this giant sprawling tree that you could use to trace back your roots!

  • DLKirkwood
    07/11/19 - 06:45

    There are two things I am looking for (perhaps this comment will lead me to answers?).
    How did the Kirkwoods come to belong to the MacGregor clan? Were we MacGregors before the name was banned, or
    merely under their umbrella of protection?
    Also I came to deadend in Geneology . . . . 1793 John Kirkwood (born in Virgina, USA) , father was James (a farmer from Scotland) wife unknown, and who seems to be the first of my line off the ship. One clue: There are two great uncles named Elihu, which is an unusual name, so if another Kirkwood in Scotland has Elihu in their family I am sure we are cousins and I would love an email from you to add to my family line. [email protected]. I am also on Facebook. Thank you.

  • mary burton
    12/11/19 - 04:04

    My 4th great grandparents were Alexander M. McCullar(McCullough) and Esther R. Magee. Esther was sister to Patrick Magee who married Rosanna McCullar, sister to Alexander M. McCullar. That makes them my 4 great grandparents. Alexander M. and Esther Magee McCullar had a son John M. McCullar who married Margaret Peggy Magee, (daughter of Patrick and Rosanna). They had son Alexander McCullar born 1811 Missouri Territory who married Jane”Jensie” Wilson. Jensie was daughter of Mary Polly Magee who was daughter of Patrick and Rosanna. I descend through Alexander born 1811 and Jensie and their son, Louis McCullar, born about 1848. My father’s mom was daughter of Louis McCullar.

  • Dorothy Hyde
    26/12/19 - 03:42

    My daughter is married to Uylsses Grant the sixth and he’s trying to locate his ancestry back to the McGregors where did the grants come in

  • miss laura c r philip
    12/01/20 - 22:50

    my fathers family are also related directly to the macgregor clan somehow i know robroy is also related for deffinate to the royal family through kenneth macalpin and several other members of the stewerts tudor and campbell i know he was also in line to throne but this was then stopped by james iv and i but still havent found out how many times down the line he is related to my dad an weather hes my uncle grandfather cousin or so on and am looking at links to the family of philip or what ever surnames it could have fallen down to an i know my grandmother was philip and its her side of the family hes deffo related any advice on how i could find this out please as both my dad an nan are passed on in life

  • Christine Gurgone
    07/02/20 - 05:14

    My maiden name is Blacklow. My dad Barry Blacklow spent around 8 years tracing information to write a wonderful book titled “The Tasmanian and Mainland Australian Descendants of John Blacklow 1st 1782-1812. John Blacklow 1st was born in Edinburgh, Scotland. He was enlisted into the Royal Marines at 19 years old on a convict ship named the Calcutta that transported convicts to Van Diemans Land in 1803.
    John Blacklow was a descendant of Blacklaws from the Blacklow Hills in the Scottish Border country. The Blacklaws were descendants of MacGregor Clan.
    I have thoroughly enjoyed reading through your website. Very interesting info.

  • Stephen Fisher
    13/02/20 - 23:17

    Doing my family tree, has amazed me. My father let me with he thought there were 6 or 7 generations. I found that his maternal g/ grandmother was a Sarah Gregg. I have traced her line (Ancestry), and if the line is true back 5 generations to William Obediah Gregg (Revolution Bill), who served in the American Revolutionary War. If this is true I am a decedent of a Gregg/Gragg Line.

    My name is Stephen Fisher, my father was born in Parke County Indiana. I now live in Virginia, USA, about 45 miles from Yorktown (British history people know about Yorktown) and other surrounding place of history.
    I have been around the world one and half times, while I was in the Marines. I have been to Australia three times. That would have been my second home after retirement. If you are following the Gregg/Gragg Line please don’t hesitate in writing me. [email protected]. I’ll give you may phone number and address.

    Steve (Kids call me Mr. Steve)

  • Victoria Macgregor
    17/02/20 - 21:16

    Hello everyone !

    Super happy to discover this article and website.

    I’m starting to make researches on my family, Mcgregor of course. I lack a lot of information but I’m super curious to learn more and more.

    I’m French but my grand dad was Scottish and a true Mcgregor. He came to Brussels to work for the European communities. I never met him as he pasted away the year I was born, but I’m very intrigued to discover more.

    Dont hesitate to contact me : [email protected]

    Hear from you soon =)

  • Roger Farrow
    03/03/20 - 20:27

    Hi folks

    Robert ‘Rob Roy’ MacGregor 1671-1734 is a distant relative.

    I have been trying to connect him to a ‘Rob Roy’ descendant viz. John MacGregor & Anne ‘Agnes’ Wood who emigrated to America ca 1782 and eventually established the town of McGregor, Iowa.

    Can anyone assist me?

  • Theresa Carrick
    07/03/20 - 05:15

    I just found out that my DNA matches to be direct blood line to Rob Roy. Still looking more into the full linage. Exciting to find out that I am a Macgregor. Finding out so much through my DNA.

  • Jamie Arrowsmith
    20/03/20 - 01:41

    I am a MacGregor our family changed their name to Arrowsmith when we left Scotland

  • John Magruder Sullivan
    25/03/20 - 05:31

    We were proscribed to Magruder’s l; Alexander and his son Leonard Magruder they came to the America’s in late 1700’s – I have many if there relics- 2 Elizabethan bibles that bore the Magruder mane were stolen in 2018
    I have lineage into the 1500s

  • William Le Crerar
    26/03/20 - 20:52

    This article says that the Sept Crerar is or was part of Clan MacGregor. I have information provided by the Clan Centre in Edinburgh that the Sept Crerar is or was part of Clan Mackintosh. How is this apparent anomaly possible?

  • Mark Frazer
    01/04/20 - 05:27

    I have track my Wife’s paternal line back to
    778 AD – 834 AD to Alpin MacEchdach, Ri Na Dal Riata,
    810 AD – 892 King of Dalridada,
    820 – 868 Griogair MacAilpin,
    850-900 Dougallus MacGriogair married Spontana
    883-940 Causantin II Macgregor married Malvina nic Domnhaill, daugther of Chief of MacKinnon Clan
    915-954 Gregor Na Bratach Macgregor married Dorviegeldum, born (Doorward)
    962-1004 Eoin (John) Mor MacAlpin married Alpina Mor Macalpin, born (nic Oengusa)
    980-1040 Gregor Garbh (the Stout) Macalpin of Glenorchy married Nic Duibhne
    1100-1168 Eoin MacGregor(Lord of Glenorchy) married unk
    1164-1250 Mail Coluim Macgregor ( Lord of Glenorchy) married Marjory MacGregor of Glenorchy
    1165-1238 Sir Gillefealan MacGregor (Lord of Glenorcy) married Margaret Lindsay
    1220-1285 Gregor MacGregor (Lord of Macgregor) married Marion De Lennox
    1250-1285 Gregor MacGregor married unk
    1275-1374 Malcom Macgregor (The Lame Lord of Glenorcy) married Mary MacAlpin
    1310-1330 Donnchadh (Beg) Macgregor married UNK
    1330-1390 Gregor of The Golden Bridles Macgregor 1st Chief of Clan of MacGregor
    1350-1415 Iain (cam) Macgregor of Glenorchy 2cd Chief of the Clan of MacGregor married Margaret Clarke
    1365-1413 Gregor Aulin MacGregor (Lord) married Iric Macalpin
    1405-1460 Dougal Clar (the Dusky) MacGregor I of Glenayle married UNK
    1440-1505 Dougal Culchere MacGregor married Dubhghall Ciar Mor MacGregor
    1505-1590 Gregor MacGregor (McCoulkeir) married unk
    1540-1604 Malcolm MacCulchere McGregor married Flinlay Glas (McEantyre)
    1550-1586 Gregor Dubh MacGregor married Janet Buchanan
    1575-1675 Malcolm Og Callum MacGregor married Catherine Ann MacDonald He Changed his name 1604 Stewart
    1635-1686 Donald Glas Steward MacGregor married Margaret Campbell
    1671-1734 Robert (ROB ROY) Raibert Ruadh married Mary Helen (Campbell)MacGregor
    1700-1786 William McGrigor I married Annabell Huten (may have had another wife Molly)
    1731-1750 William Mcgregor (the Preacher) married Sarah Molly Flowers
    1772-1833 William Mcgregor SR married Mary Wylie, and Amelia Permelia Clark
    1755-1839 William J Mcgregor married Mary Jane Stiles
    1800-1836 Jehu Jay McGregor Married Sarah (Sallie) Dodson
    1825-1883 Jesse McGregor married Elizabeth Ruth McDaniel
    1850-1890 William McGregor married Clara Moon
    1884-1965 Danial Allen McGregor married Neata Bouldin
    1919-2006 Allen Jerrell McGregor married Geraldine Wright (Daughter Angel McGregor born 1964)
    1951-2003 Allen Jerrell McGregor Jr never married
    1982-today Shane Allen Gibson married Ashley Hawkins

  • Neil Petrie
    08/04/20 - 21:18

    A reply for Susan Marengo 26/07/19 – 19:11

    A John McGregor left Perth (Aberfeldy) around 1815 for the U.S. This same John McGregor was the piper at the Alamo.

  • Russell Francis
    20/04/20 - 13:51

    I’ve been doing my family tree, and I believe I am descended from the Macgregors through a sept known as Gregg, but I lose the trail in 1700 Ireland (along with many other branches of the family tree getting lost there). the last name I have is a Henry Gregg, born somewhere in Ireland in 1700. Any help would be appreciated.

  • Jennifer Hall
    21/04/20 - 14:12

    My Grandmother was a McIntyre, her Grandmother a McFarlane, she told me of the story of Rob Roy and that we were related, the story of his mother being raped is the one my Grandmother told me. The McIntyres lived at Edintaggart and Stuckendroin in the Loch Lomond area and Peter McIntyre bought his family to the Darling Downs area in Queensland Australia.

  • Susan
    27/04/20 - 15:26

    I have just started my McGregor heritage. My grandfather was Arthur McGregor, and unfortunately he passed before I could inquire more information. He was born in Liverpool.I will still continue my heritage, for my son’s keep.
    inquiring. Thank you all for your findings. Most respect

  • Matthew Pearce
    29/04/20 - 17:48

    Wondering if you have any knowledge or resources that connect the Auld name to the MacGregor clan?
    In the 1980’s my great aunt hired a genealogist to research our lineage. Our Scottish family came to America (eastern shore Talbot County, Maryland) with the last name Auld, and were known as the first MacGregors to settle in Maryland. We traced them back to Ayrshire, Scotland and the earliest record we found was of Alexandro Auld in the 1500’s.
    I’ve seen a few posts online about the same question, where people with the Auld last name have been told by genealogists about the Clan MacGregor membership but wanted to know more about the exact relationship of the names.

  • Peter McGregor
    05/05/20 - 00:25

    Hi, I am Peter McGregor from Edmonton, Alberta and have recently joined clan Gregor and was hoping someone could aim me in the right direction to obtain some information on my family. I know my family originated from the island of Luing. I hope someone can help.

  • Nancy Petrie Brown
    05/05/20 - 19:23

    I am researching my Petrie family and have discovered that they are originally from the MacGregor clan. I can trace back to William Petrie living in Nether Dysarthria in 1787. Does anyone know where his parents are from or anything earlier?

  • Johnny Barber
    17/05/20 - 08:12

    Boy ol Rob Roy sure does have a lot of grandkids here.. LOL.

    My MacGregor connection is through Archibald MacGregor (born 1720 in Scotland, died after 1756 in North Carolina) and his wife Edith MacAlpine (born 1724 in Scotland, died unknown)..

    By the way, I’ll send a clean crisp 100 dollar bill to anybody that can tell me (and provide definitive proof) who Archibald MacGregor’s father was !!

  • Lawrence Barrowman
    25/05/20 - 19:26

    My Family came from Scotland and I have always been told that we were originally a part of the Clan Mac Gregor. However, I do not see our name listed. Can you help solve this?

  • John whyte
    11/06/20 - 20:24

    I got told my name was Mcgregor and it got re named Whyte don’t no if it’s right wood love to now if so we are from Dundee Scotland

  • Ian Murray
    23/06/20 - 12:47

    My mother’ maiden name was Porter. In 1610 a Chieftain of Clan McGregor fled Scotland after the Clan were proscribed by James 1st and arrived in the small village of Burt on the Inishowen peninsula in County Donegal and sensibly changed his name to William Porter and begat 11 children. There are still Porters living there to this day. Some of the Porters were very illustrious.
    ThecRev. Josias Leslie Porter was a missionary to the Jews in Syria in the 1850s. His eldest son was knighted for founding the ‘Aliens branch’ in Whitehall now Immigration and Border Control. His younger son was knighted for being the Acting Viceroy of the Indian colonies.
    My great grandfather and his brother both studied medicine at Trinity College Dublin and joined the RAMC. Great grandfather was killed age 29 going to relieve General Gordo at Khartoum but his brother Robwrt went on to become Major General Sir Robert Porter.
    My grandfather Leslie Porter was Ireland’s pioneering racing driver but was killed aged 34 as a pilot in the Royal Flying Corps when my mum was six months old.

  • Paul W MacLeod
    12/07/20 - 19:01

    Love these stories. There are so many that emerge from the clans of Scotland and, occasionally,the good guy(s)win!

  • John C. Tait
    20/07/20 - 15:26

    As for name changes, i was told by a scottish exchange student named Alisdair Brown who was from Hawick on the borders that the Browns were originally Macgregors. I would find this interesting, as my great great grandmother was Easther Brown. 2 related Brown families lived in the Meenhavoy & Callen townlands of Stranorlar Donegal. Both families left for america, but were scots irish and most likely “settled” in Donegal as part of the ulster plantation. The area of Jedburgh and Hawick also was populated by Taits who were connected to James Tait who had Loudon Hall in Ayr built. I am a direct descendant of him.
    [email protected]

  • Shelley J Clay
    20/07/20 - 22:48

    My Family name is Whyte. My ancestor who crossed the pond was Moses Whyte born Scotland 1804. Came to America abt 1820. I have been able to trace back to Scotland and a few generations beyond that. What I have struggled to understand is our connection to Clan Gregor. How? When? Which branch? Whyte was a sept name. Which I presume means that they were MacGregors who took on the name of Whyte. I’ve reached the end of my Whyte lineage that’s trackable and provable. I’m stuck and don’t know what to do next. Happy Hunting, Shelley

  • Linda Little
    03/08/20 - 16:51

    My Clan Gregor family- McGregor, who came into the US from Canada, are spread all over. BUT we do go back to Rob Roy and much further 🙂 So nice to find family from all over the globe.

  • Porsha Brian
    05/08/20 - 03:26

    My father’s sir name is Brian, my grandmother’s is Trainer and my great-grandmother’s was MacGregor. We even have a tartan and the crest. I feel really pround to be a descendant.

  • Leandra Gilmour
    27/08/20 - 09:00

    Wonderful read, thank you! I’m from Canada and my 4x great grandmother was Margaret McGregor from Balqhidder Perthshire. She was born in 1782ish and I can’t find any info on her. Funny how a person can know nothing about a part of their culture, but feel it in their soul their whole life. I enjoy reading and watching all that I can to learn from afar. Scotland is next on my travel list when we get through this virus. Great comments!

  • Kevin Vancor
    30/08/20 - 19:38

    I just happened to stumble upon this site. So very cool.

    My grandmother was a McGregor from Dundee. She met my grandfather in Canada. My dads middle name is McGregor and my sons first name is McGregor. So I guess you could say we’re fans of the Gregor/McGregor/MacGregor clan .

  • Ana María de Vallarino
    30/08/20 - 23:39

    My great grandmother was Bessie Louise King (1875-1951)daughter of George Sedley King. We feel proud to called ourselves McGregor.
    I would like to know if you can provide me more information about my ancestry.
    thank you

  • David King
    03/09/20 - 01:09

    I too am a (Glengyle) MacGregor. For 2 generations after the proscription, the family name was changed to MacAra (Gaelic for King), in 1648 it was officially changed to King. Direct descendant of King Alpin. My line left Scotland via Londonderry in 1695 and made it to Chester Co, PA by 1710. Then TN, IL, CA and now WA.

  • Rob Roy MacGregor
    12/09/20 - 15:35

    Years ago, on a trip to Scotland I met a man who upon hearing my name and finding that I was an American told me a story. Your clan was driven off the Highlands by King James. Some were taken to the coast and told to be fishermen, even though they knew nothing about fishing. Other MacGregors were shipped to Jamaica where some were held as slaves and others as indentured servants (7-year slaves). I’ve always wondered why there were so many MacGregors in Jamaica. If that story is true, I wonder why is it not included in this history? Anyhow, I now have many Facebook friends who are Jamaican MacGregors.

  • Mitch Irwin
    24/09/20 - 05:53

    My grandmother was Barbara Clever, her mother was Mary E Clever, and the Macgregor blood runs through me from Elizabeth M Mcgregor. It amazes me that I come from a lineage of a clan that is Royalty, but isn’t anymore. I’m fortunate my great great great Grandfather Samuel Mcgregor was the father of Mary Mcgregor, she married my great great grandfather that all I know is that his surname is Clever.

  • Karen Koivu ( maiden name Buckberry)
    30/09/20 - 16:40

    Hello, i am a descendant of the Mcgregor. My mother was born a McGregor (Fernie Mcgregor) her father was Alexander Mcgregor Born in Scotland, he moved to Vancouver British Columbia Canada, with his family when he was 2 or 3 years old . He married and had 2 daughters . My great grandfather was born Malcolm Mcgregor 1897-1978. And what I have heard is his father was also Malcolm Mcgregor (abt 1867- ) I don’t know much, only bits and pieces .. and my grandfather was the only boy with 3 sisters. There is no more male McGregor since my grandfather!

  • Gregory Bryan Layton
    16/10/20 - 04:04

    I have been told by my grandmother many years ago, before she died that I am a direct descendent of Rob Roy McGregor. Her maiden name was Helen McGregor and upon marrying became Helen Wood. I live in Winnipeg Canada.
    my name is Gregory Bryan Layton

  • Sean liddell
    16/10/20 - 16:57

    My grandmother was isabelle macgregor and she told me and showed me proof that I’m a direct decendant to Rob roy macgregor. I even have an old family bible with about 7 generations names in the front.

  • margaret mashiter (nee Gregson)
    25/10/20 - 22:48

    My late Father always told me the story of how our ancestors were Scottish and we were originally McGregor, and that we had to change our name and when we moved South of the Border we changed our name to GREGSON.
    One item that belonged to my Father was a small printed book ROB ROY MCGREGOR approx 5 inches x 6 inches and covered in a tartan made of threads, never seen anything like it. There is no publication details/dates etc but there are photographs of the grave at Balquidder and of course the story of Rob Roy. Has anyone else seen anything similar?
    There is a lady on here name GREGSON whose ancestors changed their name from McGregor and moved to Ireland. I would love to hear from her or anyone else with the surname GREGSON [email protected]

  • M. Menzies
    29/10/20 - 08:42

    We have traced Menzies ancestors back to 1749 but YDNA reveals a possible “adoptive surname” by MacGregors in 1660-1700. Awaiting BigY to confirm.

  • Daniel Higdon
    01/11/20 - 22:27

    My 6th Ggrandfather William McGregor came over from Scotland in the mid 1700’s and settled in North Carolina
    My line later moved to Warren county Tennessee

  • Chuck Hughes
    04/11/20 - 17:11

    My research indicates an ancestor is Edmund MacGregor (1700-1793). He was born in Scotland and died in Virginia USA. Most sources have his father as unknown, but some say his father was Rob Roy. All sources say Edmond’s mother was the same person as Rob Roy’s wife. Research on Rob Roy gives four issue for him and his wife, and Edmund is NOT among them. Does anyone have some insight on this?

  • Scott Macgregor
    10/11/20 - 22:10

    My name is Scott Macgregor, my grandfathers name was Roy Macgregor and my brothers Middle name was Robert. My brother, father, me and my grandfather went to my great grandfathers 100th b’day party. His name was Gregor MacGregor. We got to see the telegram from the Queen who only sends them to ppl who have reached 100yrs old. The next day my brother, father, grandfather and me went to some significant places where some MacGregors had history, either they lived in some of the castles we saw, some of there graves and Rob Roy MacGregors grave. It is a day that I’ll never forget, bcoz of the history and the ppl I was with. My family of MacGregors. Great couple of days.

  • Catherine Conley Lyle
    12/11/20 - 20:47

    Johnny Barber-
    I am descended through the Archibald MacGregor line as well. His daughter Anne married Capt Henry Connelly from the Revolutionary War. I am having the same problem in finding out who Archibalds father was. Some sites say James Mohr MacGregor – but not all. If you find out I would love to know!

  • Holly MacGregor
    11/12/20 - 03:17

    I’m a MacGregor from Nova Scotia, Canada ! My daughter will be the last to have our family surname as my cousins have their fathers surnames. I really don’t know too much about my MacGregor family history I only know as far back as my great grandparents Donald and Jean (Katherine) MacGregor, my great aunt Anne MacGregor and of course my granddad William MacGregor. If anyone has any more info I would love to hear more !

    Thanks !
    Holly D. MacGregor

  • Sarah Ouellette
    11/12/20 - 15:49

    I am from clan Murray (the real clan not a MacGregor alias). However, my daughter is a (Molly E.) McGregor from her father. They dropped the Mac and turned it into a Mc when moving to the US around 1880. Before that her family still lived in Scotland around Ayrshire throughout the 1700’s keeping their sir name.
    My daughter wants to visit Scotland deeply, but I was told there are parts that are still not safe for her because of her Sir name. Anyone know where the safe places are for her? Thank you in advance.

  • Katy
    05/01/21 - 08:05

    I’m looking for some information on Alexander McGregor – born around 1790 in Knockbain and died in/around 1817 in Kilmaurs (my 4 x great grandfather). He was married to Helen Ellen Forrest (who later became Helen Ellen Forrest McGregor Scott). Alexander and Helen had a son, Daniel. Following Aleander’s death Helen married John Scott and she and Daniel came to Western Australia in the early 1800’s. I cannot find any further information on Alexander and would love it if anyone could assist. [[email protected]]. Thanks.

  • Christian Roan
    10/01/21 - 11:56

    My mother’s maiden name was MacGregor. My grandfather was Duncan MacGregor and he was a CoS minister in Inverallochy in Aberdeenshire Scotland. I have heard lots of stories about the MacGregors true or otherwise!

  • Martin Menzies
    11/01/21 - 17:52

    Our Big Y DNA matches the MacGregor line 1750 years ago (250AD) & our family line goes through that of the 2nd Chief Iain Cam (1335-1390). So sometime in our family history our name changed from McGregor to Menzies – Proscription?

  • Kelsey Saunders
    14/01/21 - 18:16

    Hi. I am hoping that someone can help me. My great grandfather, Gregor McGregor arrived in Canada. He was born 1824 (died 1890) and married a Cecilia Brown or Ainsworth (1839-1924). They are buried in Little Lake Cemetery, Peterborough Ontario Canada. I believe they emigrated from Scotland but no proof yet. His son was Gregor Roy McGregor married to a Louisa Martha Liddon. Four of their children lived full lives: Donald Gordon, Gregor Roy, Kenneth and Margaret.
    Your assistance would be appreciated.
    (My maiden name is McGregor!)

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      15/01/21 - 08:35

      Hi Kelsey. You can do free searches with or pay for a service such as We are unable to undertake genealogical research on your behalf.

  • Mark Wiliam MacGregor
    26/01/21 - 19:25

    First off I would like to thank you for a fine article. I am a proud MacGregor. My father was Robert Roy MacGregor, who named my oldest brother Robert Roy Jr. I come from a long line of Macgregor’s who worked hard and grew up on the east coast of America. You can tell from our heritage that we never give up. I plan a tripe to Scotland soon and look forward to seeing the highlands, and some of my family there.

  • John Vickers
    01/02/21 - 06:24

    I am very interested in this article. My 3rd g grandfather was named William Borrowman (b. 29 Jan 1779, Carriden, East Lothain, Scotland). His father was named John Borrowman (b. 18 Apr 1750, Tullian, Perth, Scotland). His father was also named John Borrowman (b. 17 Feb 1712, Torryburn, Fife, Scotland). His father also named John Borrowman (b. abt 1680, Torryburn, Fife, Scotland). His father also named John Borrowman (b. abt 1660, Edinburgh, Mid Lothian, Scotland). His father named William Borrowman (b. abt 1634, Castorphine, Mid Lothian, Scotland).
    (The name can be found in the records as either Borrowman or Barrowman). There are many variaties of the name throughout Ayrshire, Perthshire, Fife, and the Lothians, and Lanark.
    I have heard 3 different family tales about the name, 1) a MacGregor wanting to go into the lowlands (for work, marriage, or other) asked his Laird about it because of the postscription on the name MacGregor, was to ‘Borrow a man’s name;
    2) a MacGregor ran out of material to build his house and had to ‘borrow’ the needed material and was then known as a ‘borrowman’; and
    3) a MacGregor who went to live in the lowlands (or burroughs) was known by his Highland cousins as a (burroughman)
    My 3rd g Grandfather emigrated to Middleville, Lanark, Ontario, Canada in 1820.
    Are we either directly related to, or a sept, of the MacGregor Clan?

  • Lord Vader
    06/02/21 - 04:14

    In response to ‘Pat Nuku’, your comment “Iain or John was Janets Father” is deemed false and would need substantial real evidence to prove true.

    Following the paper tail and real documentation John or Iain, Rob Roy’s older brother was recorded by Clan Gregor to have only one daughter Katharine married to Walter Graham of Brachern. This was reinforced by an interview published of Walter and Katharine’s son Alexander Graham who cited how he visited his great-uncle Rob Roy MacGregor. Descendants of Rob Roy’s brother do live in New Zealand, however they descend via John or Iain’s only daughter Katharine and via the Graham line.

    It is likely your Janet MacGregor was daughter to another John MacGregor, not John (Iain) McConnell Glas MacGregor, son of Donald Glas MacGregor chief of the Douglas Ciar branch of MacGregors. There were many John’s living, so easily confused.

  • Marie J Gregoire
    08/02/21 - 17:01

    Hello to all, My last name is Gregoire and I am from Canada and I reside in the province of Quebec. It was told to me that our family were Scottish/Irish descendants and that our name was changed from MacGregor to Gregoire for reasons that I am not aware of. I always thought it was due to immigration to Quebec and that a more French spelling of the name was adapted. I am very interested in researching the reasons for the name change and tracing our roots, if anyone may guide me in the right direction I would be more than grateful.

  • Bruce Suttle
    15/02/21 - 19:40

    My great-great grandfather was Arthur “Skipper” McGregor. His wife was Anne “Anna” Lewis. They had a daughter named Sarah Isabelle McGregor-Jones-Stone. Arthur was born in North Carolina and Sarah was born in Bethany, Missouri (moved to Minnesota). one of Sarah’s daughter, Eva Jones was my grandmother.
    [email protected] If anyone can give me information or send pictures.

  • Valerie Whyte
    16/02/21 - 17:15

    Marie J Gregoire, I am Scottish and live in Scotland and the best way to trace your Scottish roots is through the National Records Of Scotland, have a look at their website. You can also use the IGI site, which is free and also Ancestry.Co.UK. There are loads of different site online you can use but I think these 3 will give you the information you are looking for.

  • William BKing
    22/02/21 - 02:27

    My family emigrated to the USA in 1901 from Barbados (Philadelphia area). We can trace our ancestors in Barbados to the late 18th century in St John’s parish, also known as the “Scotland district”. The earliest oficial mention of the name king dates to 1637. I am fairly certain that my ancestors were “red legs” transported from Ireland and Scotland for indentured servitude in the 17th century. Since King is a recognized sept of Clan MacGregor and the transportation occurred during the proscription, I am curious to discover if any political activity by MacGregors is connected to my family ‘s forced relocation.

    Bill King

  • Rachael
    26/02/21 - 20:47

    Thank you for your post. I decided to look for MacGregor Clan information based on a conversation with my father years ago. He is a Taylor but his mom’s last name was Gregory. He told me that the family name used to be MacGregor but due to persecution they changed to Gregor then Gregory when coming from Scotland to America (I do not have dates) and they settled in Oklahoma/Arkansas area. Then during the great depression they moved to southern California to be migrant workers (my uncle has some pictures of the train station in black and white of when they first arrived). His Mom (my grandmother) was also born on a Native American Reservation in Oklahoma but because of the stigma at the time did not put it on any of her children’s (4 boys) Birth Certificates. Now due to the name changing and suppressed documentation I am quite interested to find out what really happened and where they really came from before settling in America. Do you have any advise on where to start?

  • Kelli McAdams
    10/03/21 - 18:54

    I’m doing my family tree, and my family traces back to Adam McAdams, who changed his name from MacGregor. He was a son of the chief of the MacGregor clan. Any information about him would be greatly appreciated so I can add it to my tree. Thanks!

  • Jacquie Miller Fugate
    30/04/21 - 19:57

    To Catherine Conley Lyle.I am also a descendant of Archibald Macgregor.One of my great grandfather ‘s Captain Henry Connelly married Anne MacGregor.I am still searching for his father Also,she was a descendant of the king of Scotland on her mother’s side the MacAllpines

  • Bill King
    21/07/21 - 03:45

    Does anyone ever get a response to their posts? Are there any descendants of Bajan “red legs” out there? I’d love to hear your stories.

    Bill King

    • Dr. Peter Bevis
      26/07/21 - 08:55

      We respond when we have a response to make, but otherwise we leave it to the community to respond. To the best of my knowledge the “red legs” were of Irish ancestry. I do not know of any Scots who were sent out to The Colonies, but if you know different…….

  • Hamish McGregor
    22/07/21 - 06:46

    My Family Was The First Descendants Of Clan Gregor To Arrive In Australia I Have A McGregor Family Tree And I Am Related To Rob Roy MacGregor All Chiefs Of Clan Gregor And The First King Of Scotland

  • Chelsey Arthur
    25/07/21 - 19:11

    Catherine Conley Lyle… Jacquie fugate . I am a descendent of Ann McGregor. My great great grandmother was a Conley formerly Connelly. As in captain who married Ann I have traced Archibalds father to be james Mohr on every site I can find. The son of Rob Roy. Ann would have be my 8th great grand mother.

  • Bill King
    28/07/21 - 04:07

    Dr. Nevis: I am surprised by your response that the “red legs” were only the Irish. Scots were transported after the 1715 civil war and others after Culloden in 1745. Also many coventers and quakers were also transported. As I mentioned in my post, St. John’s and St. Andrews parishes in Barbados were called the “Scotland” district. In the earliest period (1635 -1700) of transplantation, “indentures were almost exclusively Irish women – the men were killed. After 1700 Scottish men were added to to the transplants. The enclosures acts which left many scots landless and penniless played a role in this pattern of relocation.

  • Sharon McGregor Everett
    08/08/21 - 18:41

    Rob Roy MacGregor was my great, great, great, great, great Grandfather.. My Grandmother, Helen McGregor, was named after Rob Roy’s wife, Mary Helen MacGregor. I find our Scottish history to be so very interesting, and I am excited to return to Scotland to visit some of the places where Rob Roy and his family lived and died. “Royal is my Race!”..

  • Thomas Wallace Gregg. 11/16/50
    07/10/21 - 03:30

    I am trying to figure out if our Gregg family ( of Pittsburgh,Pa.) came from the Quaker Gregg clan that came over from Irish coal mines invited here by William Penn to populate his colony? My father was Wallace Gregg and his father was William Gregg.

  • D. G. MacNAY
    10/10/21 - 17:20

    We changed our Surname with a message to the Campbells.

  • Lisa Wilkes Carrier
    13/10/21 - 01:47

    My mother’s maiden name was Denson and her family in the ‘colonies’ were in the tidewater area of VA-Sussex,Southampton counties and I think first settled in Isle is Wight upon arrival in Virginia. She was told by a relative years ago that our ancestor from Scotland was a Jacobite originally Denison shortened to Denson in Va- with a price on his head who fled to America. I read Denison was an alias of MacGregor but I thought the Jacobite reference would be around the Culloden timeframe of mid 1700s and it looks like my Denson ancestors were in Va around the very late 1600s-early 1700s. If anyone can shed light on this, I would very much appreciate it. I Feel like a MacGregor and would love to be!! Thanks

  • Karen Glasgow McGee
    07/11/21 - 17:26

    Ive been researching for many years and finally determined that my husband’s McGee ancestors have been traced back to Thomas MackGeHee, son of Patrick MacGregor, Thomas’s son, William the Quaker was our immigrant and the name evolved to McGee, but there are many different spellings. Our children and cousins are so proud!!! Of course, my own relatives I have traced back to Ulster Scots Irish and I am also related to another set of McGees from the Isle of Skye or Magee. Wow would give anything to set foot upon the ancestral lands!!

  • David William MacGregor
    24/11/21 - 20:22

    I am one of the Speyside MacGregors, I was born in Dufftown, my family lived in Cardow, my father worked at the Cardhu distillery. There is a reason why my family lived so far away from the Clan Gregor homeland, in 1690 Rob Roy planted two runners in Spayside. Rob and his Clansmen helped their kinsfolk Clan Grant to sort out a feud between the Grant’s and the McIntosh’s after the latter had diverted the Grant’s water supply to power their mill, it was known as the Black Mill, the combined forces of Grant and MacGregor overpowered the McIntosh force and burned their mill to the ground. Just in case the McIntosh’s ever bothered the Grant’s again, Rob left two of his strongest runners to travel the one hundred miles down to Rob in Perthshire so that he could raise the MacGregor’s again to help the Grant’s. Happily the McIntosh’s had learned their lesson and the runners were never needed so they settled in Speyside, one in Morayshire and the other in Banffshire. Both Clan Gregor and Clan Grant are descendants of Siol Alpin, blood is thicker than water. My regards to all descendants of Clan Gregor, wherever you are in the world.

  • Christina
    26/11/21 - 19:36

    I have been tracing my ancestry for some time and came upon new info. I am a direct descendant of Patrick macgregor. His son is William and his son is Thomas. Thomas came to Virginia and changed the name to macgehee/mackgehee/Magee in 1600’s and his son William was born in oct 1689. Finally found out why the name was changed etc. this is all great to know.

  • Mike Grierson
    22/12/21 - 22:11

    I note that a number of Greers and Griersons have left comments here. The Grierson name has been associated with the Clan MacGregor sinc 1850 however; there is not a shred of evidence to support such a claim.

    The Griersons of Lag carry the Y haplogroup R-FGC4125, this is not shared with any MacGregors and shows the claimed descent to be pure myth, invented by a genealogist named Gracie in the mid 1800s.

    The Grierson name most probably comes from the occupation of the first holder, a Gerefa rather than Gregory.

    To those seeking to trace their ancestors stick to the paper trail and don’t believe the many myths that abound.

  • Stephanie Robinson
    09/02/22 - 22:22

    My dad told me that our family name (Finley) was changed a long time ago. A man whose name was Finley Morrison was told that his name would now be Morrison Finley because there were too many Morrison’s. I bought my dad and step mom the couples plot (2×10 and 2×1)
    I look forward to my dad’s reaction! It’s a beautiful heritage. Thank you!

  • Stephanie Jooste
    02/03/22 - 22:10

    Good day

    I have found some mention of the Surname Dennison or Denison in relation to Clan MacGregor.

    My maiden name is Denysschen, a few references were made in the South African Archives on various different spelling of the surname. I’ve been trying to do a genealogical study but have only met dead ends.

    There is a De Nysschen that arrived in the Cape with the first Dutch East Indian Company vessels to establish the Trade Station, as a gardener, but I cannot find direct lineage.

    I also have various leads to families from the United Kingdom, but none are definitive.

    Unfortunately I was the very last of my generation, and had no grandparents that could give me more information. The Family Bible which had the family tree was destroyed in the scorched earth practice in the Anglo-Boer war.

    If there is anyone who can assist me with any details, I would truely be grateful.

    Kind regards
    Stephanie Jooste (neé Denysschen)

  • Maryann Spencer
    11/03/22 - 19:20

    My great-grandmother was a MacGregor – Mary Charlotte MacGregor from Canada PEI or Nova Scotia – not sure which.

  • Tim Wright
    14/03/22 - 22:33

    I’m a Wright and was told we changed our name but was told it was spelled McGreggor not sure if it’s the same. And not sure if this is accurate and information would be helpful since I’m working on my family tree.

  • Bob Flesher
    02/05/22 - 16:33


    I am just getting in to genealogy. I was adopted and did not learn of my heritage until I was around 30. On my birth mothers side I have ancestors with the surname Gregg. I have followed this back just with information on ancestry and wikitree. The last MacGregor I see is John (MacGregor) Gregg B:1576 Argyll, Argyllshire, Scotland D:1644 Glenarm Barony, Antrim, Ireland. Apparently many MacGregors moved to Ireland to escape persecution and changed their names.

    Anyone have any information on this person?

    My birth father is surname Craig so I have Scottish roots on both sides.

    Thank you,

  • Phillip B Henderson
    16/05/22 - 06:21

    To Bob Fisher My Grandfather on my mother’s side was John B Gregg and his 7th great grandfather John william MacGregor 1616-1672 name was changed to Gregg, and one of his 6 brothers, John Gregg who apparently died at birth 1625. The rest carried on with the MacGregor name.

  • Bruce Parker
    27/05/22 - 03:34

    McAdam was my maternal grandfather’s surname. Any confirmation of the oral family history which claims it was one of the names MacGregors assumed when theirs was outlawed would be of particular interest.

  • Karl moore
    20/06/22 - 19:54

    My Grandma was born in Glasgow,
    Her Father was a Blue and her Mother was a Macgregor, both born in Muthill.
    I believe, I have traced my Great Grandmothers MacGregor’s line to
    Gregor Dubh Macgregor, who I think, was Rob Roy’s Uncle

  • Leah McGregor
    02/07/22 - 17:49

    Was wondering if anyone had any more information on my 7GG his name was Alexander MacGregor Drummond. He was born about 1660 he became the 4th Laird of Balhaldy, 17th chief of clan McGregor, he was a great swordsman and had a rivalry with his cousin Rob Roy as to who was superior when both men were passed there middle years they met at balhaldie house and fought a duel with no witnesses to settle the matter. It is unknown who won as they wouldn’t discuss it lol

  • Malcolm E. Tarbert
    03/07/22 - 18:16

    After getting DNA done, I found the I’m related to the MacGregors and the Macfarlanes. In further researching ancestry, I found a change in my sir name. My name in the 1700’s took the village name from which my “MacGregor” ancestry came from. The battle between the Calquhouns & the MacGregors makes be think that’s the reason why. I too cherish my Scottish roots. met

  • Anthony Davis
    22/07/22 - 00:20

    My Great Grand Mother Theresa Mary McGregor of Eurambeen Victoria , Decenadant of the family of Rob Roy McGregor so we have been told for over 100 years , Her Father Alexander Thomas McGregor is the son of Duncan McGregor of the village of Braco Muthill Parish . His father is Grigor McGregor of Balquhidder,and mother Jean McNicol he was a tailor in the town They had a family of 11 consiting of Famous and not so Famous . We have a famous Son the youngest child is William McGregor Founder of the Modern Football and President . of Aston Villa F/C in the late 1890 to 1911. he was a Draper like his brother Peter who moved to Birmingham in the 1880 . Im am trying to do my Ancestry as correctly as possible but its very hard with all the family names been simular But hopefull that people can direct my research in the right direction

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