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The Nature Reserves

We sell souvenir plots of Scottish land from two different locations

Glencoe Wood Nature Reserve

  • Original and flagship project, founded in 2007
  • A Scottish Tourism Board 4* tourist attraction, with thousands of visitors every year
  • Significant progress has been made with many species calling this reserve home
  • Visitor centre & Meet and Greet service
  • Plot holders style themselves as “Lairds, Lords or Ladies of Glencoe”

More about the Highland Titles Nature Reserve

Mountain View Nature Reserve

Mountainview Nature Reserve

  • Second reserve purchased in 2014
  • Specific areas dedicated to the preservation of Scottish Wildcats & Bumblebees
  • Plot holders style themselves as “Lairds, Lords or Ladies of Lochaber”



More About Mountain View Nature Reserve

Visiting the reserves

Nestling in the heart of the Scottish Highlands and within easy reach of such popular destinations as Fort William, Oban, Skye and Inverness, our nature reserves are easy to find and a pleasure to visit. The Glencoe Wood Nature Reserve, near Duror, has a visitor’s centre and offers a ‘meet and greet service’ for Lords and Ladies. Though the reserve at Mountainview does not have these facilities, it is still a great place to go for a self guided hike through the many nature trails.

If you buy a Highland Titles souvenir plot of 10 sq ft or larger, it will be located at Mountainview and comes with a free 1 sq ft plot at the Glencoe Wood Nature Reserve.

Finding your Plot

Most visitors who own a plot of land plan to find it and we are here to help. Firstly, please make sure that your plot(s) are registered to your account. Not sure? Check before you visit to save time.  If you have not yet created your account, now would be a good time to create one and add your plot(s) to it.  Once your plot is linked to your account, you can view your Ordnance Survey co-ordinates and view a Google Map showing your plot location(s).

You can use the below link to view plot information in our App.  Full instructions are here.  To launch the App, open your browser and type app.highlandtitles.com.  Please note that if you use the app on an iPhone, you must use the Safari browser.  Any problems, just contact us.

Location Map

Where are the reserves?

How to Visit

Click below to find out how you can visit each of our nature reserves.


Conservation – close to the heart of Highland Titles

We are passionate about conserving, preserving and restoring the Scottish landscape. We work with a number of likeminded organisations trying to make a real difference to Scotland for generations to come.


Tree planting


Perhaps the most rewarding aspect of our work is seeing species return to the area and make it a home once more. As we plant more trees to provide shelter and reuse fallen trees to build homes for insects, the number of species at the reserve increases every year.

We regularly share many stories, videos and photos about wildlife at our reserves on our social media pages and blog. Make sure you ‘like’ and ‘follow’ to learn more, and visit our Wildlife page for further information about the particular species that have already settled in.

Photo Gallery